What All a Contact Page of Any Website Should have?

There are many essential pages for every website and one of them is contact page. This page works as single page to create a communication between your readers and you. A contact page can be as simple as a page with a contact form or just an Email or it can be as killer as all your contact details including social media profile, Email, phone number, Skype and many more. It is very important that the Contacts page should be found easily. Make sure that everyone who wants to contact you will be able to quickly and easily get to the Contacts page. Typically, a link to this page is located at the upper right. But not necessarily the main thing that the link was easy to find that it is not lost among the tags, advertising and copyright.

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It really become annoying when you have to crawl across the screen in search of reference, which is located somewhere in the basement and is decorated in small print. And of course, the availability of the feedback page – just one click away from the main, this is the law. And even contact information can be located on the main.

Encourage Feedback

A well-designed page Contact Us not only provides information on how to contact you. It actively encourages readers to contact. Readers should be clear that you want them to hear that you are a real person, and that really appreciate and crave feedback.

Communicate Realistic Timeframe Expectations

Your visitors have to wait for an answer to the questions? Warn your readers that the delay in response is possible. You do not need to promise immediate answers or immediate communication in an online chat. You can just tell that you do not have time to reply. It’s better than leaving the reader in the dark.

Inform The Preferred Method Of Communication

You can leave feedback on the page requests on how preferable way to contact you and what to do if you did not immediately respond. For example, you prefer e-mail, phone, Twitter, or Facebook? Or do you prefer the deployed reports or short? Do not hesitate to inform the readers. This will give the reader not only to move quickly to get an answer from you, but also accentuate your personality and a serious attitude to feedback.

List Your Profiles In Social Media

A lot of pages with contacts, which simply provide an email address where the author can be contacted. However, if you are a blogger you probably registered in a variety of social media. So your Contacts page should contain a list of your profiles in social networks where you can find.

Add To The Feedback Page Contact Form

There are two problems that arise when providing the contact page for email addresses. Firstly, there is a risk that your e-mail will get to spammers. Which will then bombard you with advertising. And secondly, (and it is more important) to write an e-mail, the reader must take additional steps (copy the address, run the mail client) It can reduce the number of messages you receive. The solution to these problems will contact form. For WordPress you can contact from 7 to create easy to integrate contact form. In which readers can send you a personal message directly from the contact page of your blog. This not only facilitates the writing of the message, but also encourages visitors to contact you.

Do let us know if you have optimized your contact page up to the mark or you are one of those who only have Email address added in the contact form page?

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  1. ifham khan says

    Really conact are must for every blogger and building relation with bloggers and readers anyway thanks for sharing

  2. Wasim Ismail says

    Every contact page should have a form, so that users can easily fill out and contact you, also having a map of your location is great, you can embed Google Maps, so that your visitors know exactly where your office is, and get directions if needed. This can also be integrated with your Google Places for local listings.

  3. KBharath @ HDBloggers says

    Thanks for sharing this Rajesh i have just added a contact form in my blogs contact page so when ever i see i feel that this is the page which is empty with only a contact form but i was searching that what all i can add in contact page finally you have revealed it. thanks again.

  4. Kavya Hari says

    Contact page is one of the easiest way to contact with people. And, it should be encourage readers to contact. So, it will be useful to all the people on the wide. Thank you so much for given up your info on here :)