Website Builders With Free Hosting Service in 2015

Website Builders With Free HostingChoosing and signing up with a web host is one of the most crucial tasks of setting up a website. The host that you opt may make or break your website and thereby your aspirations linked to the website. In spite of web host’s huge vitality, for a newbie web entrepreneur (eespecially for a solopreneur) it is always comfortable to go for a free web hosting service instead of voiding pockets.

And that is exactly why free webhosting services do not go out of demand even though the paid web hosting services have gone cheaper with time. If you are looking for such web hosting services then here is a list of top free web hosting service providers that cost nil and are still good enough for a starter and professional website/blog if not a higher end one.

The web is constantly changing every day. So I thought it makes sense to focus on the newest services and hence complied a set of web hosting service providers of 2014 to keep it contemporary.

Here are the top 5 of those Service Providers:


Though ideally Blogger is meant to be a hard-core blogging platform, if used with a witty template, a blog hosted on Blogger can be given the look of a website. It is also good in terms of blog uptime and good support from lakhs of co bloggers who willing participate in the Blogger community. Above all, it is a free hosting service provided by the internet Big Wig – Google. I guess the name behind the Blogger platform is a reason good enough to give it a shot. Here are the features of –

Just like a Blogger blog can be made to look like a website, so can a WordPress blog be projected too. In fact, with even more ease. The reasons to opt for WordPress hosting are that it is the most widely used freely hosted platform followed by Blogger with a great community base and ease of use for new players and the pros alike. But with this you are bound to have a blog as a sub-domain of You can opt to have a custom domain but only on buying the ‘Domain mapping’ paid upgrade.


Ucoz is a relatively new player in the free web hosting arena and is catching up with its competitors quickly. It is more of a content management system (CMS) that allows you to not only host your website on its servers, but also create fully featured website with its super intuitive tools. This free hosting provider also gives you the option to check out the whole service through a demo in its site. So you can have a demo of the backend as well as a sample website before choosing it.


Wix is another reputed brand in this category which has taken long to build that reputation for itself. The notable features of Wix are that one can use a custom domain name without having to pay anything extra for it. It is akin to a WYSWYG editor and hence can be used smoothly by new web masters. Unlike Ucoz, Wix gives a demo in the form of a quick 2 minutes video.


Webs website builder

Webs is not a completely free website builder. It has a suite of services with different price tags. But hosting of a website comes with the free plan too. Other notable features that are bundled in the free plan are a mobile website (but with ads), 40 MB storage, and a 0.5 GB bandwidth. Such features can be fruitful for new small scale websites.

If your prime concern is to build a blog and try things out, you should go for WordPress or blogger. This should be chosen if you want to shout out your ideas and the knowledge you have. On the contrary, if you have a product to sell, you can have a traditional website to start with but it is not mandatory.

The above mentioned are the trending top free Website builders with free hosting service in 2014 based on popularity and number of websites hosted by them. If you think any other name fits in the list, I’d love to know that through the comment box below.

This is a guest post by MNB Achari from Readyinfohere. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. puneet says

    nice list admin and wordpress is the platform today which is used by almost 90 percent of the bloggers

  2. John Gibb says

    These are the top choices

    I use 3 of them myself to build my link “tiers” and drive traffic to my other (main) niche sites… once you make enough money to invest $10+ a month for real hosting, you should go with a pro hosting account, and never look back.

    Still, you’ll be using these free blogging platforms to grow your business… each link and page counts in this business. You’ll see…

    Hope it helps!

  3. says

    Free hosting providers always put some limitations or restrictions but it is ok for those newbies who just wanted to be online without spending a dime. Thanks for the list Achari, I know about the first two services but should check for the remaining three you mentioned.

  4. Amit Sharma says

    I think mostly people in world uses wordpress platform for free services but later they shifted to own domain and hosting. so i think free services is good only for fresh starting.

  5. mnbachari says

    Hello, Edson. Thanks for stopping by. Not everyone wants to prove professionalism. Some want to try things out. And thanks because you liked the post.

  6. says

    But this is a candid reality if you want to become a professional blogger you must not think about anything free or at least your hosting must not be free and if you get a premium template then you prove your professionalism. We must differentiate between investment and charity; investment pays you back while charity just manage your urgent needs. Anyway nice post and thanks for such wonderful info.

  7. stargaterich says

    I can’t think of any good reason to use free hosting unless it is for experimenting purposes or those who has zero budget for paid hosting, particularly students or mums at home.
    Anyway, among those described in this post, if I have to chose one of them, I will opt for Blogger simply because it is owned by Google and in that aspect mighty G tend to favor Blogger blogs over others in regards to search engine result page (SERP) . Of late, Blogger CMS is getting more powerful with lots of cool features.

    • mnbachari says

      Yes, Stargaterich (I suppose it’s not your real name). These are only for beginners and experimenting purposes. In fact, I tried blogger before really starting my new blogs. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Piyush says

    But i still feel that people should not at all go for free service.
    Buying your own service and doing SEO in it can get you so much more money, that you can even think of.
    Free services are just for beginner who can’t spend money without knowing anything.

    • mnbachari says

      Hi, Piyush. Thanks for your comment. These are only for beginners who can’t afford domain and hosting fee or those who just want to try before really doing it seriously.