Suck At Coding? Use Website Builder to Create a Website

Building a website takes a lot of time and experience. It is much more than a simple blog you create with your friends. If you need to have merchant services to receive payments from customers, or need your site to be interactive, consider using a website builder. You can purchase the software or use your host company’s program or template. It will make things a lot easier. Even not, if your company doesn’t have any online presence and you are not the one who wants to make an investment on online stuff, you can easily use a Website builder and get yourself a few pages site.

Website builder

An example of beautiful Website builder template to quickly create your Business site.

Benefits of using Website Builder:

Most of Webhosting companies now offer inbuilt free Website builder which will let you quickly create few pages site without requirement of any coding knowledge. Though you miss out many things like SEO and others, which you may get with a WordPress blog but again, a Website builder is for non tech savvy people, as using platform like WordPress, Blogspot requires you to understand bit of coding knowledge. With a typical Website builder, it’s like playing drag and drop game, select from pre-defined templates, upload your logo, add information related to your Website and your online Website is up in no matter of time. Here I will be outlining some of the benefits of Website builder:

No Need for In-depth Coding

Web building programs were created for people who are not computer programmers. They have all the scripts and HTML built into the system so you do not have to write it. Even if you are competent at a few programming languages, a builder will save you time and aggravation. Something as simple as a missing space in a line of code can return errors. There is no need to do extensive testing to make sure all the parameters and inputs work as they are supposed to work. Why waste time writing code that has already been written?

Visually Appealing

Designing a website that attracts people requires at least a basic ability in graphic design. Three is a need for a good sense of style.  You need to understand what visually appeals to people in order to keep them on the page and draw more traffic. You want everything to look professional. Most web builders come with graphic abilities. Even if you cannot flatten layers or understand the difference between a JPG and a TGA image, you can still get pictures, graphs and photos onto the website.

You can easily use online sites to create a logo and upload it on pre selected templates offered by Website builder programs, and make your site visually appealing

People need to be Able to Use your Website

The website needs to be easy for others to use. Your customers may only have the ability to click a button or type in their information. If the site is confusing or very advances, they will not be able to interact and make a purchase. Everything needs to have a good flow. Use one of the templates and then customize it to your specific needs. You may bring upload third party software if needed. Make sure both server-side and client-side functions are working.

Ease of Use

Using a web builder software or online program gives you the ability to upgrade your content easily. No need to write new code every time you need to make a change to the site. In most cases, you can write any text in the “back room” area and it will automatically be posted where and how you want it when you finish. Any images you need to add can be dropped into the area.

Even if you make websites all the time, mistakes can happen. Using a web building program minimizes errors and keeps things running smoothly. You probably use a word processing program, a spreadsheet program and a graphics program created by someone else; a web building program is the same idea.

There are many online free and paid Website builder programs are available, which will help you to get started within minutes. For example, here are some of the free options Weebly, Webs, Site2you and many more. Though if you are serious about your online presence, you should go for premium option offered by Sites2you or Weebly which will give you extra features and edge.

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  1. Nizam says

    Well yes, using a web builder software provides the ability to upgrade the content easily and also it minimizes errors and keeps things running smoothly. Thanks Victoria for this informative post :)

  2. Gouri says

    Website builders are a great help for both – those who know coding as well as those who don’t. Weebly is quite popular I guess.

  3. Saad says

    I Would Recommend to hire and expert because by using website builder they is never that much access you cant edit everything so a person feels a bit limited :) .Anyways Great Post :)