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    Web Design And Development – Which Role Do You Play?

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    Web design and development is a diverse field which requires many skilled professionals for performing variety of activities. There are a number of tasks to be accomplished before a website is launched successfully in the market. If you have ever been a part of any web project, you may easily understand the nature and variety of jobs of this industry. Many professionals like Information Architect, Project Manager, Account Manager, Coder, Copywriter, Designer, Tester etc work together to make a Website development project successful.

    There are mainly three types of roles involved in this field – Visual Design, Technical Development and Management.

    The visual design is primarily concerned with the “front end” of the web project. It includes color combination, font sizes, site layout, navigation, images and other user-experience related elements.

    The technical developers are responsible for “back-end” tasks. A web design and development project must be backed by necessary coding elements and programming constructs, which can be accomplished by technically sound professionals only.

    The role played by a project manager is very crucial because he acts as a mediator between designers and developers and he is solely responsible to meet the goals and objectives of a business project. A project manager should have analytical and logical ability to perform his tasks professionally.

    Let me explain the roles played by these professionals in a bit closer way.

    Web Design And Development Roles:

    Visual Design Roles 

    Web Design And Development Web Design And Development   Which Role Do You Play?Whenever you think of a web project, the first thing which comes into your mind is the look and feel of the website. Look and feel is the creative aspect of a web project, which is directly related with the user experience.

    A web designer must understand the requirements of a business and accordingly plan the layout and structure of the website. He should be able to develop an efficient architecture and navigation for the site’s content.

    Professional web designers can translate a business concept into a user-centered design which helps to expand the client’s brand effectively.

    Technical Roles

    To make the website function efficiently, it must be backed by competent technologies. Technical aspects are behind the scenes and act as “back-end” support for the websites. For example, if you want to sell a huge number of products through your website, you may require efficient database management tools installed on your website.

    A designer just designs the necessary elements of a website, but to make it function in a reliable manner, you have to be dependent on technical developers. Technical developers are responsible for developing and maintaining appropriate databases, servers, testing environments, security procedures, user interaction and so on, as necessary.

    Management Roles 

    Management is the most crucial aspect for any project to be successful. A project manager must have a clear understanding of each team member’s roles and responsibility and he should be deft at making the right coordination between designers and developers, so as to meet the business objectives within stipulated time frame.

    This implies that the manager must understand the technical development requirements. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining good relationship with client’s business goals and objectives, a project manager develops a feasible plan and consolidates all available resources under the prescribed budget.

    He also creates and manages project schedules, budget and scope, ensuring quality control throughout the project. Along with all  these, he educates the clients regarding the maintenance of the site.

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    Alok, Management is more responsible for getting the things done. Even at my office we have a team manager who assign tasks. this all starts from a top level manager.


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