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    Ways to Start Your Own Social Bookmarking Website Using Pligg

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    social bookmarking 267x300 Ways to Start Your Own Social Bookmarking Website Using PliggAre you planing to start your own Social Bookmarking or Social News Website, like Digg? if yes then without having to pay a programmer outrageous fees you can start your own Social Bookmarking or Social News Website, like Digg.

    In this post I am going to give you some tips on starting your own Social Bookmarking and Social News Website.

    Creating a Social Bookmarking or Social News Website of your own allows you to:

    • Do a market research.
    • Brand yourself as a leading authority.
    • Increase your profits with sponsorship and advertising revenue. Sell your own products.
    • Provide useful and latest news from around the world chosen and voted by users.
    • Service to the community and many more.

    Steps towards starting Social Bookmarking or Social News Website of your own :

    • Get a good domain name (It is always good to go for International domain names and is recommended)
    • Select good Webs hosting provider. (99.99% uptime) (Hostgator recommended by Shoutmeloud. You can go for Baby plan, for more details visit our Review Page.
    • Plan everything before starting (From domain name to SEO).

    Now everything is ready so what to do next? Unlike Digg or Stumbleupon, Pligg is not a Social Bookmarking or Social News Website – it’s a platform where you can develop or start your own Social Bookmarking or Social News Website. It is not so easy to start such website from the scratch so if you start with Pligg, later once your website is popular you can hire your own Developer and make it more better.

    Here is few example of websites powered by Pligg:

    1. Dezinews
    2. Plunto
    3. Gotopianworld
    4. Headlines
    5. 321answers
    6. Yochacha
    7. Upnews

    It is very easy to configure Pligg and Modify it. There are many Add-ons and themes available for free. You can even design your own theme or develop Add-ons if you are good in php.

    Pligg is  Opensource and is available for free download. You can modify it the way you want. With Pligg you can not only start Social Bookmarking or Social News Website but Social Networking Website as well. To know more about Pligg and to Download please visit http://www.pligg.com.

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    I had a glance on Pligg. It looks awesome. But I don’t know how much difficulties involve in making such an awesome websites like Dezinews and Plunto.


    Kevin S

    hi, its very easy as Wordpress.


    Brian D. Hawkins

    Nice post Kevin, new Social Bookmarking sites are popping up everywhere and if anyone wants one they better get started now before they’re left in the dust.


    Kevin S

    hi, thanks and you are right.. here is ( http://www.blogengage.com/) another growing Social Bookmarking website for bloggers developed with Pligg



    planning is must if you thinking about starting something of this kind…..or you will fail and so will your venture


    Harold Pettegrove

    Article was informative all around. However I am really not a fab of prepackaged CMS solutions. While I think that Pligg is better than most it does not give me the control that I want. I am currently in the process of releasing my own Content Management System geared towards developers. Again if Pligg works for you thats great but it does not solve all of my needs which is why I wrote my own Content Management System. It did take a while but it was well worth the effort I believe.


    Free Vector Graphics

    good to know that you r coming up with your own CMS! Every CMS is having something less so its our part to do it and as well Pligg is an opensource and you have the right to modify the way you want it to work for you. Every CMS is hiving something little less but it can be done.. and as u said you are coming up with your own CMS so you also cant say that every feature will be available and everyone will get 100% satisfaction.


    Sourish Nath

    Planning is really crucial. I agree with Tushar. If one wants traffic , proper selection of niche is essential



    it’s a nice share. Buiding your own social networking site is a good besides all this before doing this you have to make sure that it has meet up all the security parameters.


    Free Vector Graphics

    thanks! i agree with you and all CMS can be customized easily. We can as well implement our own security features as well.



    Pligg is a great open source script, we use it on http://www.faqpal.com


    sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    very usefull script dear..
    very innovative articles


    Kevin S

    nice to know that you liked my article.. Thanks for visiting our Blog :)



    I tried on my local webserver it is good like digg but some what different.


    Raghunath Pillai

    hi Kevin,

    This is interesting. Would make such a social bookmarking site really help. In the sense, I was wondering whether it would show up in search results. People would come to our site and submit their link, which would result in duplication of content and hence chances of it being not ranked or indexed by google. Your thoughts please…



    I am currently in the process of releasing my own Content Management System geared towards developers. I was wondering whether it would show up in search results.



    Nice Post about social bookmarking site Out sourcing Php software Pligg

    Its Nice Hope I will start a website soon and earn some bucks from it



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