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Last time when I shared Blogging tools, I can’t Blog without, I talked about Windows live writer and now I’m going to share something interesting which you can do. Adding watermark to your images is an important part of branding and something we highly recommended in our article on How to SEO optimize PhotoBlogs.

Windows Live writer is one of the ultimate blogging tool for bloggers. We have already covered many useful tutorials on windows live writer. If you have missed it, you can read about it here :

Watermark is an essential part of images, especially images which are created by you or screenshots taken by you. Windows live writer has inbuilt watermark feature which will let you watermark any image using text. You can use different fonts and sizes to watermark your images.

To watermark any image, add image using windows live writer, select image , click on advanced and select watermark and add your text.


This is as easy as 1-2-3 step. Here is a small video tutorial which will show you how you can do it.

Do let us know do you add watermark into your images or you never used it?

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  1. Octavus says

    Can you tell me if Windows Live writer can watermark pics that have already been uploaded on blogger?

  2. Loveish says

    Thnx Harsh, i used this on my last post :)
    Before i used to do it in the photoshop, but its more easy if i do it in Windows Live Writer :)

  3. Gabe | freebloghelp.com says

    Watermarking is now easier than ever! I don’t have much of my own images but I know of many photography sites that really need to watermark their pics.

  4. Technologian says

    This is something I’m going to use after learning it from you, Harsh. Sometimes, I waste my time going to my bookmarked sites providing free image watermark. I am installing it now… Many thanks

  5. Krish says

    Im already using it for posting on to my blog.WLW is really a gr8 tool that evry blogger must use.It helps to reduce a lot of work to be reduced i.e.(posts can be created easily)while creating a post

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