Watermark Reloaded Plugin : Watermark Images on WordPress

We all know that there is no end to content theft. People not only steal your text but also images causing your bandwidth loss too. How about using those images to brand your blog and also drive traffic?  Watermarking is one way, which you can use to drive traffic from images. Though there is no easy or very effective way to add watermark to previously uploaded images into WordPress, but here is a plugin which will help you to add Watermark to images which you will upload from now on.

Watermark reloaded is one of those plugin which I added in the list of must have WordPress plugins. This plugin setting is configurable and you can add watermark at your desired place.

Watermark Reloaded Plugin

As you can see, Watermark reloaded plugin gives you ample amount of options to configure your watermark and according to design and look of your blog, you can customize the view of watermark.

More over by adding watermark, you help in branding of your blog and also when a user copies your post, your image watermark will be visible and this will also help you to get direct traffic.

For more effective use, try to use complete name of your domain instead of using any short form. For example, ShoutMeLoud.com is more effective than using only “ShoutMeLoud”.

Though this plugin is just for WordPress, but if you use any other blogging platform, I would suggest read my post on How to add watermark into images using windows live writer.

Plugin link

Do let us know if you are using Watermark reloaded or any other plugin to watermark images on WordPress Blog?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Mr.Bhavesh says

    Thanks harsh for this useful plugin.
    Now I am using this plugin on my website and no need to adding watermark seperatly on each images.

  2. WpRack says

    It was very difficult for me to add copyright symbol using photoshop for each and every image. I will surely use this plugin.

  3. Maninder @ HackTik.com says

    yeah its a nice plugin. As an alternative, if you are using Windows Live write to write and publish your posts, then you can add watermark from within WLW instead of installing any additional plugin in wordpress and further slowing it down.

  4. hamarasathi says

    Watermark reloaded plugin is definitely increase your blogs brand value and decrease image theft chances, Nice Article and Good Job Harsh

  5. Roy C.Chukwu says

    I have installed this plugin but I never see it appears on my images.

    It seems there is something wrong somewhere. Do you have any idea?

  6. Harry Sehgal says

    It’s must have plugin and can also bring Traffic From Search Engines through Images.

  7. Kimi says


    In the beginning, I did not put any watermark in my images. Then I noticed other people save my images, and upload to their servers, to use them in their posts, without my permission.

    Since that day, I did watermark my images, but manually, Thanks for this plugin, I now can try to watermark my images automatically.

    • says

      Kimi Even I started it late but I realize it’s very effective. Even from my usage pattern, when I see and video or images with watermark, I tend to open that site directly. Similarly, I hope this will work for everyone and more over it’s going to help you in branding.
      If you use Snagit, it’s also a good way to add logo watermark into your images.