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Knowledge is Power and this power comes with learning. Internet is full of Websites, which shares useful information and a Google search could let you find anything you ever wished to learn. Though, having a single resource where you can learn many new things is always great. I usually spend lots of time on Youtube to learn various things by watching How to videos. One of my particular area of interest is to learn about things which I use in day to day life, that includes learning how to cook, history of my favorite music star and band World history and so on.

Meet WatchMojo: Web Video Magazine

I love reading but videos are always more interactive and better way to learn new things. Remember, scene from a movie clip which you have seen 10 years back or do you remember, how easy it was to remember Apple in your kindlegarden by seeing the pictures. I have already talked about benefits of Video Blogging and from a user perspective, I always like to watch new videos which let me learn something new.


Couple of days back, when I was watching few How-to videos on Youtube, I stumbled upon video from this site (, which is a portal, where they product various professional videos on How to, people, Person, history and many more. After watching one video, I spent almost 3-4 hours that particular day watching various different videos and brushed up my knowledge.

I never knew about the history of Lady gaga, never knew how David guetta become a sensation or Warren Buffet biography. Watchmojo offers various videos on different topics and I’m sure you will end up finding something new to learn today by watching videos.

Here are few videos from their Video channel:

Watchmojo was founded in 2006 by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, and founder of, before he sold it.

I’m sure many of you who like learning something new by watching videos, you would love to watch various videos on WatchMojo.

If you know more similar sites like Watchmojo where we can learn something new via videos, do share it in comments. Also, if you enjoyed browsing, don’t forget to give this post a Shout and let other know about another interesting Website on Web.

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  1. says

    This is the first time I’m hearing this site Watchmojo.Have visited it and is pretty interesting.I also have bookmarked it for visiting in future.

  2. Tanmay says

    Video is a great source for the learners. You can check out the visual procedure of the lesson you are going to learn. However, the video should be of a good quality, to the point and should not miss any part of the tutorial.

  3. Rabin says

    Now on I have added this site in my list for learning. Previously I used to use YouTube and search for how to videos to brush up my mind.

  4. says

    Learning by watching works very well for me, I think everything can be much easier and faster if the whole education system was based on this principle.