Wamp Not Starting in Windows Problem

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Wamp Not Starting in Windows Problem

Last time when I wrote about How to Install wordpress locally many people reported that they have done every thing right, but after that I started getting Wamp Not Starting error. When they click on Start all service under Wamp, nothing happens.

Even I faced the same issue initially and I reinstalled wamp , thinking I might messed up with something. Though the problem was not with Wamp, but with other other application which is blocking port 80. In my case it was Skype. For people using Skype Wamp will not work for them. Here is little trick which you can use to configure Skype and your Wamp will start working.

Open Skype and navigate to Tools> Options > Advanced > Connection

Uncheck the option which says use port 80 and 443 as alternative for incoming connection.

After un-checking that option. Restart Skype and restart Wamp. Now try starting Wamp and let me know if it’s working for you or not. Though, it’s not necessary, Skype is the problem always, there might be some other software which conflicting the PORT to be used by WAMP, find the faulty program and change it’s port number.

Meanwhile along with Local wordpress Installation did you try to configure your own URL shortener service under your domain.

Have you installed wordpress on your local system and if yes, how is your experience so far?

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  1. ronnikh says

    hello sir.

    i want to broadcast my wamp homepage on net that my friends can see it. i am using tata photon+ and every time when i login, my ip also changes.

    so plz help me.

  2. George Serradinho says

    Thanks Harsh for helping me get it right. I went through multiple posts about installing Wamp and could not get it to work. After you told me the problem, it worked fine. Thanks again for your help :)

  3. Arjun S Kumar says

    Not only skype but other apps like teamviewer and lot others disturb the process of starting wamp…

    Good bit of information bro about configuring skype..

  4. Chethan says

    Hello Harsh! I faced similar problem! I think both skype and wamp claimed for the same port 80 and none of it was working… u made it right by changing the port number 80 to 443 in skype!

    we must be cautious while editing in config pages

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