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When I go to any bloggers meet or seminars, most of the time it is followed with exchanges of business cards.  Sometimes I even get 10’s of cards together.   I do carry my business cards too, but I always think we are digital age guys and why do we need to carry one. Instead we should save paper, and use some digital medium to exchange our information’s.

It is more like a trend, and few people understand the need of exchanging a business card.  I have seen people swapping business cards barely to express their existence within the mob in the meeting.  However, certain people understand the implication and distribute their business cards only in the place or situation, when it is needed.  They understand when to extend the arm holding a business card and more importantly to whom they are extending their hand.

Exchanging business card is surely a good practice, as it cuts down lot of time involved in exchanging information of each other and physical details of their businesses.  These days’ business cards are very cleverly designed and stuffed with information which connects you to potential customers or helpful clients on a go.

However, like managing every other bulky thing, it also becomes confusing to handle so many cards, when you have many of them.  So, do we need an alternative to manage all this chaos of physical business card? I don’t know about many of you but I will surely look for one, if available to me.


There are few Smartphone apps which can help users to manage virtual business cards or business cards as contacts. Though not everyone will have a compatible smartphone as yours, but it’s always a good idea to take advantage of these apps, when save your business card when necessary. More over, when you use a smart way to change contacts, you are always one step ahead of others in making connections.

iOS Apps for virtual business cards to replace physical business cards

Here are some of the best Business card iOS apps which you can install on your iPhone or any other iOS device. Just a piece of advice, do carry your physical business card too, as not everyone is going to have an iPhone.



It is an iOS app which is very useful in managing business cards into the contacts.  This app is affiliated by LinkedIn and which is the most used professional networking service.  You can use your phone’s camera to scan any physical business card, which will be stored as a contact.  Further these contacts can be converted into LinkedIn connections.  Icing on the cake is this app is free to download and use. Download for iOS

Evernote Hello


Evernote Hello is a multi-tasking application which is supported on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.  You can execute activities like managing business cards by scanning, contacting other Evernote Hello users directly and creating profiles which can be used with LinkedIn and Facebook.  This service is not free and is charged @ $5/month. Download for iOS | Download for Android

FullContact card reader


This app uses camera integrated on any Apple iOS phone to read and scan any business card.  It converts each scanned physical business card into a contact and its intelligence is smart enough to put accurate data in specific text box.  In sync with, you can use this app to convert each business card into a potential business lead.  This service can be availed at in $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year plans. Download for iOS

Shape card reader


Shape card reader app is supported across all leading mobile software platforms.  This software uses optical character recognition to transcribe images into contacts form.  Price of this app varies across different platforms; however, its pricing for iOS phone services is $6.99 per month.  This app also allows integration of Evernote and Download for iOS

WorldCard Link


WorldCard Link is another technology which can be termed as breakthrough in virtual business contacts.  You will be provided with extra hardware integration with this technology, which works as a stand and provides better accuracy during image or card capturing.  You can integrate Dropbox and iCloud for image storage with this software.  Price starts at $ 39.95 for iOS platforms. Download for iOS



This is another excellent innovation in the field of business card conversion apps.  If your business operations include use of, then you can be more interested for this software, as it allows exporting of captured data into contact format which can be then used easily.  You can manage LinkedIn connection invitations with this software with just a button click.  The price of this software varies within $ 3.99 to $ 6.99, depending upon the operating system.  This software also offers transcription services – in case you are occupied in other work; at a price of  $ 0.18 per card. Download for iOS

So, next time you don’t need to panic for managing business cards whenever you are back from any business meeting.  You can use above software to manage your business or customer contacts, without headaches now.  Important fact is most of these software are supported by different mobile operating system platforms, so one don’t need to own a iPhone compulsorily to use them.

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Do let me know how do you exchange contact details in a bloggers meet or in a business meet. If you have other smart ideas for exchanging contact details with others, do share it with me via comments. If you find these virtual business card iOS apps useful, do share this article on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Afzal Zaheer says

    Hi Harsh,
    In such a technologically advanced world, where competition has become so intense, that unless and until we don’t make the best of use of the things(technology in this case) we won’t be able to make difference in our lives. You rightly mentioned the importance of the same in your post.
    Kudos to you for coming up with such an informative post. Thanks for sharing it and I am surely going to use the cheapest and the most coveted of all which according to me is smartbiz cards.

  2. Lakhyajyoti says

    I have been using FullContact card reader app for last eight months. I love all the features of the app. Rest of all are new to me. Thanks for the share.

  3. says

    Harsh, I love the idea of these – thanks for sharing. I’d been thinking of doing a new card for my blog with my logo etc and a virtual one is even better! Love it, thanks so much. Looks like I may have to go with Bump since I have a Droid.

  4. Noufal Binu says

    @Harsh, your thinks are going straight. one question android play store i found some apps similar ios, give a advice best a app for for android.

  5. Taposh Kapuria says

    Hi harsh, you are right. Now this is the proper time to use technology. We need to use them for dealing our business. Among them, i will sure use smartbiz cards. It is cheap and good.

  6. vikas yadav says

    For the last few days, I am looking for the similar types of apps. And You have provided them, thanks a lot for sharing this articles @Harsh. The user interface of the cardmuch is very beautiful.