This Video Made Me Hate My Phone

How many times you are out with your friends, and felt alone?? I have started finding it so common these days that people are more busy with their mobile phones over connecting with people in real-world. Be it Metro, or even walking on the street, it’s not so uncommon to see people are so engrossed on their mobile screen, that they don’t even notice things around.

I hate Phone

In many of bloggers event I been to, most of us (Yah including me) are always so busy updating Social-network that we miss enjoy essence of the moment. I have already talked about changing shift of society on my earlier article on Why people are so crazy stupid about buying an iPhone, and this is another great video, which will not only make you keep your phone away, but it will make you realize; that you are a part of this system too.

Do let me know your thoughts about the video, and next time you are at a public place or with someone, try to live the moment without your phone. Do share this video with your friends on Facebook and Google plus, and let them also know, how we are changing and why it’s right time to accept our mistake, and connect with everyone in real-life.

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COMMENTs ( 2 )

  1. Surendra says

    I Already started realizing this fact. Mobiles and its addicted Apps are spoiling our Best movement.

    I have noticed that our parents or kids are talking to us and we all are busy with our mobiles.

    Is there any solution for this ?