If You Think Your Idea Is Stupid, You Might Be Making An Idiot Of Yourself

The best thing about being a human is, we all are dreamer and thinker. At the same time, we look out for social-approval of our ideas. Specially with the changing land-scape of getting social-approval by number of likes and share is making many of us sharing our ideas. All of us had a time, when we didn’t shared our idea thinking it might sound stupid to others, and this not only stopped us from being what we are, but also stopped us from sharing which could sound amazing to someone.

Everything we see or do is an amazing experience for us, and as we keep repeating the same-process, we might not find it amusing anymore. The interesting thing is, what you know and are doing is still fascinating for many, and you should not stop yourself from sharing your ideas/thoughts ever again.

Here is an amazing outtake video from Darek Sivers book : Obvious to you, Amazing to others which you should definitely watch.

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Nitin Verma says

    Yeah ! absolutely right. Few words by me “To learn new things, you’ll have to accept feedback.
    To become perfect, you’ll have to follow that. ” …. Only other can give feedback about our ideas but only we’re that person who can improve our ideas.
    In between Nice post !

  2. says

    Hi harsh
    This is very good message for people who like me. even i was like this before reading this article, after read this i feel something different. but when i explore my ideas to the world or explore my ideas in real life. That didn’t get success. i worked hard for my ideas but no one likes that. why like this?

  3. Naeem Malik says

    An idea is just thought in the initial stage; if picked and worked it becomes invention. How many people knew it will be possible to talk on telephone and look we are in the world of Twillio now :)

  4. Abhay says

    No idea is stupid. Because it is the idea based on which humans take decisions. After taking decision based on a idea it is the responsibility of the person to prove that his idea is good and he made a right decision… Put efforts… stay focused..

  5. Shushan Soni says

    great article ……………..

    harsh i am agree with you. if we will think that our idea is not ok or we will be fail , it means You Might Be Making An Idiot Of Yourself