Video Discussion With Bhavesh Radadiya From Templatic Theme Club

Hey Shouter,

Last 10 days was pretty busy for me, with attending WordCamp Baroda and Bungee jumping at Rishikesh. This time we ( Me and Sharat) decided to do a road-trip from New Delhi to Baroda (1000 KM). Along with all this, I was occupied with preparation for my WordPress SEO presentation at WordCamp Baroda and will be sharing presentation videos once I get my hands on them. One of the good things about such event is; you get to meet so many like-minded people. At the event I met so many WordPress experts and had a great discussion with many of them.

Today I’m sharing an insightful video discussion with Bhavesh Radadiya. Bhavesh is the man behind Templatic WordPress themes which is known for many popular niche related premium WordPress themes like Geo Places, Events2 to name a few.

I have already used their Q&A WordPress theme couple of years back, and when Bhavesh was ready to share his insight and expert answers related to questions around WordPress, I had to record that for you. Here is a 5 minute 45 second long video discussion; where Bhavesh answered some of the important questions which most of the WordPress developer or WordPress theme company have in their mind. Here are some of the questions:

  • Future of WordPress?
  • How to deal with warez site giving away premium themes for free?
  • Your Viewpoint on WordPress and GPL License

I hope you enjoyed this interview and you can browse Bhavesh theme club over here. Also you can connect with Bhavesh on Facebook here.Here are some more articles that you would enjoy reading:

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