This Brilliant Google Search Video Will Melt Your Heart

Brilliant Google India Ad

One of the best way to make anything viral is by making it emotional provoking. Recently Google India released an ad video for marketing Google search in India, and it’s simply brilliant. This video which is named as Google Search : Reunion has received over 8,095,793 views so far in last 17 days, and it’s still going viral on all Social-networks.  I’m sure you would not only like the video, you will love to share it with your friends on Facebook and Google plus. Do watch this video and share your views below.

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COMMENTs ( 2 )

  1. Gabriel Purdey says

    I am not really sure you can make something go viral. You can look at the similarities of viral pictures or videos but you can’t really plan a viral video as they are so different. This has a high number of views simply because google India will have put it on YouTube’s homepage.