70 Smart Bets That You Will Always Win – Backed By Science

With this post, I announce the launch of the new category here at ShoutMeLoud. In past six month, this is 2nd new category addition. Last was Entrepreneurship, and this one is about lifehacks. The reason for adding this category is to improve our life and becoming more smarter and productive. Being an Entrepreneur or solopreneur, burning out happens at every point. More over, many of us are good at certain things and lacks certain skills. For example, we can make any dead computer work, but we don’t know how to woo people around us or how to get proper sleep.

This category will have articles related to wellness, productivity tips, the science of being the human being, and various stuff that we should know.  If you spend time on watching movies, Facebooking on your leisure time, I suggest you to keep an eye on this category, as you will find many videos and tutorials, which will not only entertain you but will improve your overall IQ. I’m sure many of you will love this new category, and to start with, I’m sharing the first video that is about 70 bets that you will always win.

Amazing Science bets that you will win

These videos demonstrate 70 interesting bet that you can play with your friend or group of friends, and if they don’t read ShoutMeLoud or have not seen this video, you are going to win.

While you are watching these simple to win bet videos, I highly recommend you to practice them along. Without practice, you might end up making a fool out of yourself, so better be prepare than sorry later. These videos are brought you to by Quirkology, and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel over here and ShoutMeLoud channel over here.

Interesting thing about all of these bets are, they are simple and backed up by science. If you are a science student, you can easily relate to why and how this is happening. If you enjoyed watching these videos, do consider bookmark it, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Pawan says

    Congrats on adding new category Harsh. And this post was interesting too. Hope to see more post on this category.

  2. Afzal Zaheer says

    This is an innovative concept which you have introduced.
    Who doesn’t want to gather accolades and appreciations? And this article will help others to be in the center of attractions. I am surely going to learn these tricks and will show to my friends and family members and yeah as you rightly said, I will practice them first with sophistication as well.

  3. says

    Congratulation for adding a new category that is really needed in today’s tough economic environment hovering all over the world.

    Entrepreneurship is rising and I feel quite happy to see more and more people joining the gang. After all that is the only way to curb the increasing malpractices by many employers. I hope your articles are going to be enlightening for all of us and will surely throw light for some newcomers who would like to join our gang.

    Thanks and congratulations once again.

  4. Amal Rafeeq says

    And I bet those are the smartest Bets you could make while hanging out. Way to Harsh. Your brains really are working the hell these days.