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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geeks and Techies

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    valentines Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Geeks and TechiesWell this is the time most of the Love-birds must be thinking about “What Should I Gift on this Valentine’s Day?” This is not a question for only this year, Lovebirds face this every year and they get more confused every time. Some people get confused because they have already gifted so much before on the occasions like “Anniversary”, “Birthday” and many special days they like to cherish, or sometimes they just like to gift each other. While  many people want to gift by staying in budget, as everyone is not capable of spending such large money yet they try to do their best in a unique way.

    But when these two Problems comes it is really very hard to be creative for gifts and when it is Valentine’s day your loved ones will surely expect something better so they can make their friends jealous. I have also been through this phase so I tried some unique ways to Impress my Valentine. So here I am going to share some useful tips which can be used to surprise your valentine this year .

    Creative Valentine day gift ideas using Technology:

    1) Use Online Poem Generators

    Lovebirds love Poems. Maybe Guys won’t take this seriously as they are not into Poems that much, but Girls will love it. As everyone knows how mad Girls are for the guys who writes songs and poems. Well if you can’t be a poet for a whole year, you can at least tell your valentine that you created a poem specially for this Valentine’s day which will surely surprise your valentine, and she/he will feel special. Just search google for “Online Poem Generators” and you will get Plenty of results. Avoid creating multiple Poems else your Valentine might ask for another one instantly.

    2) Send Online Gifts to Your Valentine’s Address

    Online Shopping has given another great provision who wants to surprise your valentine with gifts. If you are walking towards your Valentine then it is very obvious that he/she will come to know about the gift or when the gift will be Given, so it becomes quite tough to surprise your valentine with timing. What if your Valentine gets a Gift before they meet you? Or when they are not with you? Obviously it will surprise your Valentine. All you have to do is select the gift from the online shopping website, and prepay the amount. Add some custom love message for your valentine, and ship it to her address. Rest let the gifts do the magic.

    3) Create a Good Collection of Photos

    You can gift your valentine a rare collection of photos to your valentine in a photo album or in a Collage. Modify these Photos before on any online photo editing websites with Valentine day theme cliparts. Last Valentine I gifted a photo collage to my girlfriend, with photos in every emotion we shared, like Smiling, laughing, and even crying. Now if you are going to gift a single photo make sure to gift it in a frame which will add an effect.

    4) Upload a Video on YouTube

    Yes this is one of the very best ways to surprise your Valentine. You can upload a Video to YouTube, where you can create anything you want. You can create a photo slideshow ,and a song in the background with the Subtitles below or you can shoot yourself where you can describe how much you love your valentine, you can even add a video singing a romantic song or poem or any Musical Instrument which can be dedicated to her.

    Now comes a Big question . What about the Privacy? “If I upload a Video every person surfing the YouTube can see the Video!” Well there is a provision for this. Upload the video and go to its privacy setting where you can limit the video for particular e-mail address. Just enter your valentine’s e-mail address and DONE.

    5) Create a simple Blog

    What can be a Better way to Impress a Blogger’s Valentine? Create a simple blog on WordPress and send your valentine it’s URL. You can edit this blog with your photographs, videos, poems, dedicated songs etc. Which will completely surprise your valentine. Now again comes the question for Privacy. But there is a solution for this problem too. There is a WordPress Plugin called as “Page Restrict” which can restrict the content from users who are not logged in. Just privately publicize the content and BOOM. Your private blog is ready to surprise your valentine.

    These are some of the valentine’s day gift ideas for your valentine, but the best idea comes with your own creativity. Specially, if you are in long distance relation with your partner, it’s a good idea to take help of technology to cover the distance. There are unlimited websites online, which will let you do special things of your valentine.

    I have tried my Best to show the ways you can surprise your valentine by using the Internet. If you have any suggestions or Ideas, you are most welcome to comment below.


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    Thejas Kamath

    Hello Ravi,

    You have mentioned some great ideas for Valentine’s day gifts. Since you have written a post on these things, then obviously you must have a Valentine. :-P haha!



    Well Thanks Thejas

    Yes I do have a “Valentine” and Believe me these Tips have never failed for her. As I try to be More creative everytime ;-)


    pritam patil

    ;) cool ideas Ravi..liked them..hope you will come with some more new ideas..



    Thanks Pritam for the Appreciation
    I am very Glad that You Liked my Ideas and as Blogging Career is incomplete without innovative Ideas I will try to Provide more



    Nice post dude :) I like the poem generator :) Photos are also fine :)


    Amit Sharma

    Thanks Ravi for awesome idea i used poem generator on this valentine its free and really liked by her…



    Using Poem Generators is one of the Best ideas Worked. As Girls Loves Poems and specially when their Lovers do it, One more thing don’t be limited for Implementing such Ideas only on Valentine’s day, you can use them for your anniversary and Her birthday etc which will keep your Relationship Life very Romantic


    Animesh Roy

    Interesting & very creative. Specially the ideas of Uploading a video on YouTube and Creating a simple blog dedicated to valentine are really awesome.


    Yogita Aggarwal

    To gift a personalized free blog to lover would be a great and cost effective idea. Loving it.
    For sure i will try this :P


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