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Blogging apps for Android
Number of smart phone users are rising every day, and gone are those days when mobile were used only for phone calls, and SMS. These days, we can do most of our online work from our mobile and with bigger screen tablets and stand alone apps, our work is getting easier day by day. We have covered many articles in the post which talked about best apps for your mobile phones, and this is another post in the same series, where I’m sharing some love with Android users.

Android is one of the most popular smart phone operating systems, and with many cheap android phones and tablets, Android OS is being used by many around us. There are many blogging apps for Android OS, which you can use on your mobile or smartphone and it will make your work easier.

Though, if you are one of those who haven’t used Android OS, you can still try these android apps on your Windows or MAC OS by using Bluestacks. I haven’t tried all of these android blogging apps, but based on reviews and downloads they are solid, and will help you to increase your productivity.

Useful Blogging Apps for Android OS:

ShoutMeLoud Android App:

Blogging app android

If you are someone who started with blogging and need to learn A-Z of blogging, you should download ShoutMeLoud Android app. This is the official app for ShoutMeLoud blog where you can read every article related to blogging, SEO, WordPress right from your Android phone. Download now


Blogger Android is flexible to use, most of the people use for blogging. Using the Blogger application you can compose the post or save it to the local draft. You can view your all Blogs, post, Edit Posts, add images for gallery, add your location and many more..Click Here to download and Install Blogger.


WordPress Google play is the most popular blogging site. Using the WordPress application you can write new posts, edit content, view stats, and manage comments with built-in notifications. WordPress app supports both self hosted, and sites hosted on platform. Very useful for busy bloggers to manage their blog from smartphone.

Click Here to Download and Install WordPress.


Tumblr is also the blogging website. Using Tumblr application, you can Share posts, photos, video, quotes, chats, links, and text.

Click Here to Download and Install Tumbler.

WebRank SEO

Webrank SEO Android app

Web ranks is link analysis algorithm. This WebRank SEO application gives you Website Ranks(Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and Compete Rank), Sociometer(Facebook like, tweets and google plus count), Pages Indexed and Backlinks in various search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

Click Here to Download and Install WebRank SEO.

AdSense Dashboard

Check Adsense in Android

Making money from blogs is an important part. The AdSense Dashboard application provides you AdSense performance metrics, including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easily readable form. It shows  your AdSense account currency, you can not change it through this application.

Click Here to Download and Install AdSense Dashboard.


Android Google analytics app

In gAnalytics application  main options are Panel, Visitors, Content, Goals. You can set the time period and find out the number of visitors, page views, bounce rate, new visits, all this data with the corresponding charts. Also you can get graphical reports.

Click Here to Download and Install  gAnalytics.



Dropbox application allows you to save your stuff safely.  You can save photos, videos to your Dropbox and share them among friends. The main feature about Dropbox is, even if you lost your android cell, your stuff is secure in Dropbox.

Click Here to Download and Install Dropbox. Here you can check out few Dropbox addons, to enhance dropbox features.


Download Paypal for android

Using PayPal application you can easily manage online transactions. you can send or receive money from clients and friends. you can also transfer money from PayPal account to your bank account. PayPal is one of most have web service for bloggers, as it will let you send and receive money to and from foreign countries. Most of advertisement networks like Infolinks, BuySellads, Hostgator affiliate program uses PayPal to make payments.

Click Here to Download and Install PayPal.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Use Google Drive Android app to access your photos, documents, videos and other files stored on your Google Drive. when you upload your stuff to Drive, it will provide a link to your stuff which is used by bloggers, you may share your stuff among friends and familiars and also download it.

Click Here to Download and Install Google Drive.


Evernote app

Evernote is one of the useful application for bloggers. you can capture ideas and store it. Using this application you can make notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders. This app is beneficial when you are out and you got an idea about post, you can store your idea in Evernote using  photos, audio recording and text. And then afterwords you are going to post it in your blog.

Click Here to Download and Install Evernote.



PicsArt provides facilities like capture image, edit image, Magical effects for images and photo sharing. You may use PicsArt for editing images which you are going to use in blog.

Click Here to Download and Install PicsArt.

There are many more blogging apps for android are there, such as:  Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, and many more. For getting started, these above mentioned android apps will keep your busy for few days. I’m in the process of finding more new apps for my android phone, and if you are a blogger using any other blogging android apps, do let me know via comments.

This is a guest article by Vallabh from ShopTutorials. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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  1. Tracey says

    Hi Vallabh,

    Nice collection! These are the very essential apps for bloggers and I think you can include swiftkey app which is also of useful for bloggers. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Ammar Ali says

    I’ve used MOST of the apps you listed above.

    The most useful app for me are WordPress, Facebook Page Manager, Analytics, Gmail, DropBox :D

  3. Ally says

    I wouldn’t mind putting the ganalytics one on my tablet, I’ll be traveling soon and I (obviously) wont have my desktop with me so this will be handy!

  4. SAJITHA says

    Apart from these apps , social media and feed reader apps are essential apps for any bloggers. Kudos to @Vallabh Kulkarni.