Use Google Alert to Monitor What People are talking about you Online

Few Months back I have written two useful post on usage of Google reader for any blogger. In case if you have missed it, you can see it here

There is one more topic which is very important for bloggers and I forget to add it into the earlier series of Google alert posts.

Google alert is an online free service which will let you know when and what’s happening around the web for keyword which you have selected. One important thing is, every blogger should know what people are talking about them online or about their brand.

You can set keyword like “Yourname” or “Your Blog name” and set it to receive email updates when any one talking about this. For example, in my case I will use “Harsh Agrawal” or “Shoutmeloud” to monitor what people are talking about me around the web.

To trigger this updates go to Google alert website and enter your keyword (watch screenshot)

creating_google_alert Now when ever any one on web will talk about I will be notified via email. If you prefer feed subscription method, you can also subscribe to feeds for such alert. In the type section you can select between different options like web, blogs, comprehensive.

Do let me know if you find this tip useful and what else practical implementation of Google alert you can think of?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. Neuoogle says


    If you are using Google Alerts, you might want to check out our App, Neuoogle, in the Apple Store. Neuoogle works in a similar way to Google Alerts, but provides the capability to manage all of your searches within a single mobile application. No more switching between a web browser, RSS or email client and then back to a browser to read the article.

    Furthermore we utilise notifications, telling you exactly which search has new results, meaning you can choose to either action the notification or leave it until later.

    Lastly, we support a additional filtering, including by URL or region.

    Neuoogle is free and is currently an iPhone only app. The android version is coming very soon.

    Neuoogle Team

    • says

      Just tried your app on my iPhone and I liked the idea. Though, you can refine the UI a bit and make it more webmaster centric.
      For example, there are few common terms that we usually add in our Google alerts like


      And so on.. You can simply add a new column where a webmaster can just add the domain name, select options from above options and set it up in no-time. Additionally you can use it to send eMail notification also, something we set it on Google alerts. Obviously with your eMail marketing tool, as if you get good number of Email subscribe using this, you can use it to monetise it.

      What I meant here is, Google alerts are usually used by web masters, journalist and they are one of the best people to have on your eMail list. If you plan a business model around it, it would be beneficial. You can add me on Skype- denharsh, in case if you want to speak more about it. Waiting of next iteration of the same.

  2. Iseng Negblog says

    Hehe very good idea, some people told me that google alert can be used to check backlink or monitored new link to our blog, can you tell me how ?

  3. The Aah! TECH Guy says

    I already used Google Alerts for content ideas but hadn’t thought about tracking mentions of my site. Thanks for the idea! I’ll be subscribing to shoutmeloud to keep up with your tips!

  4. Basant Singh says

    I am using it to know updates in my field of interest. It’s an excellent free service from Google.

  5. Ramkumar @ says

    I use Google alerts to find out if my Posts have been listed in Google properly or not, Works really great,

  6. sudharsan says

    Good idea :-
    If we subscribe for SMS alerts via for our incoming mails we can monitor using Mobile phones in our home..

  7. Anish K.S says

    i have created lots alerts, its working fine, but now unsubscribed from all. its a nice trick to find popular keywords.

  8. Sriraj says

    That Quotation marks are so important, else Google throws all alerts that contain words like shout, me and loud in a same page.

  9. Mad Geek @beingPC says

    Thats really an wonderful idea to track yourself. This is the best tip I have ever read on SML.