Use Google Alert to find if your Website is Hacked

While researching for my post on Google Alert series, I came across one interesting post, which shows how Google Alert can be use to Find if your website is hacked.

In my earlier post I have written how you can use Google alert for unlimited news resource in your niche.

Though this is not full proof idea, but can be useful. The idea behind this trick is create an alert form your site for words, that any hacker will usually stuff into your blog after hacking.

The list of such keywords can be very long. Google webmaster blog has already covered a long and useful post on this, How you can find if your website is hacked using Google search operators.

According to Patrick Method:

Set an Alert in Google alert for

Poker OR Viagra OR Casino OR Virus


If a hacker insert any of such string on any page, then you might face a drop in your traffic, but if its the hacking method is redirection, then Google might stop sending you any traffic. So that’s why it’s always said precaution is better than cure.

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