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Use Google Alert for Unlimited News Resource in your Niche

Use Google Alert for Unlimited News Resource in your Niche

Google alert is one very useful tool for blogger. All the professional blogger takes help of google_alert_logo Google alert to set alerts for the topic on their niche to get notified about what’s happening on the web.

In official terms

Google Alert is the web’s leading automated search and web intelligence solution, allowing you to catch new information as it appears. Google Alert uses its unique Web Intelligence technology to track the entire web for your personalized topics and send you new results by daily email.

Though the things has changes now, You can also opt for feed subscription option to subscribe to alert. In my opinion it’s better then unlimited Email alerts.

How to Create an Alert using Google Alert

  • Go to Google Alert website
  • Login using your Gmail ID
  • Create an Alert for your desired term
  • Select the option Between Email and Feeds.
  • If Email : Than Select the Delivery frequency.



In the next screen, you will have a link to feed or you can subscribe using Google reader. You can create as many alert as you want, and you can manage this alerts from this link.

If you will use it wisely, you can be the first one to create any breaking news. Don’t over do the alert, else you won’t be able to keep up with all the updates.

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  • The Aah! TECH Guy

    I’ve been using Google Alerts for a long time. I don’t worry about the Alerts clogging my Inbox because I just set up an email account (using my domain) specifically for the alerts.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    @Mohan @ IndiancashMaker @Tech
    Thanks for your comment and appreciation.

  • Ruchi

    Nice Tips, It can be done with the feed that is really good.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Yes Ruchi Feed feature is really great, else Alert mail will clutter your inbox.

  • Stefan

    This is actually a great tip for everyone who is blogging or maintain a niche site. At the moment I’m still using Google News for updated within my niches but I guess it’s time to change.

  • Veera

    yup. it’s a nice idea to use Google Alert as information source.

    Another tip: You can set an alert for your site/name (for example, Shoutmeloud) so that if someone in the universe referring your site/name, you will immediately get an alert. :)

  • Tech @ InkAPoint

    Normally I am using this and it is working great

  • IndianCashMaker

    i will be using this service…i very badly want this facility as i am often short of ideas

  • Mohan

    Wow great post, google alert is rely great, i am using this service and i am happy with it


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