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Use Google +1 as a Bookmarking Tool for Websites

Use Google +1 as a Bookmarking Tool for Websites

It’s quite important to bookmark a website that you find interesting, but can’t seem to find the time. In such circumstances, bookmarking is the easiest way to keep a track of all the websites and articles that you’ve stacked up to read later. Unfortunately, using the regular bookmarking option on a browser isn’t always reliable. You could lose all your bookmarks if the browser decides so, it’s happened to me so many times and I end up losing all my important bookmarks. Of course there are many bookmarking extensions that you could use to your advantage. However, the following is a much simpler method and you will not have to worry of ever losing your bookmarks.

I’m sure that you use Google’s social promotion button, the +1, to share interesting links including yours on Google. The Google +1 button with the help of Google Takeout can come quite handy when it comes to saving your favorite bookmarks. Google’s Takeout will help you in taking a backup and downloading all your content from Google to your desktop.

How-to Save Bookmarks Using Google +1

Firstly, you’ll want to +1 all the websites that you want to bookmark. Why so? Because you’ll be downloading all your +1’d data from Google Takeout, which will consist of all the websites that you +1’d.

Now, login to Google Takeout and you should be greeted with a page that will ask you to download all your Google data. Do not download everything, unless you want to. Select “Choose Services” and then select ‘+1s’.

Google takeout

When you select ‘+1s’ it will give you information about the size of your +1 archive and the number of files present. Normally the file size is 1 because all your data will be downloaded in zip format.

google  1 archive

Now click on ‘Archive’ and the process should begin immediately. Once completed you’ll be presented with a ‘Download’ button. Click on it and confirm with your GMail password to download the archive.

google  1 archive download

That’s it. All your +1 data, the sites you wanted to bookmark, are saved on your desktop and you can view them anytime you want by opening it in your browser. Once unzipped, the file will be in HTML format, hence easy to view on any web browser.

Let us know if you like this simple trick to download and save all your bookmarks.

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  • Ajaypratap Sidhu

    Bookmarking tool is a useful asset,thanks for posting!

  • Bhaveek

    Hi Siddie, using your method i can be use my bookmarks on even different computer. It can also be taken as online backup of bookmarks. Really helpful for a person like me.

  • vineeth mungath

    This method is very interesting,i think it will reduce the risk of bookmarking in browsers.

  • Sandeep@CuriousLittlePerson

    Hey Siddie – Thats a nice method to keep track of posts you would like to read at a future date – will need to try that out.. thks for the information


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