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Gravatar is one of the service which comes in built with every WordPress blogs. All those images you see in comment form here at ShoutMeLoud or most of the WordPress blogs comes from Now, one problem with using gravatar is, it increases the loading time and more DNS query for look up, which slows down our site.

If you are new to Gravatar, you should read my earlier post on: Gravatar adds images to WordPress comment & profile.

All the WordPress cache plugin we use, none of them cache gravatar and we miss out on another step of WordPress optimization for speed. One solution is not to use Gravatar at all, but I won’t suggest that as it helps in branding of your author, yourself (Author profile) and commentator. Also, it makes comment look more genuine, as images add another level of trust. So What’s the best Way to Cache gravatar in WordPress?

FV Gravatar Cache WordPress Plugin:

FV Gravatar Cache is of the simplest WordPress plugin which does the job of caching gravatar easily. This is a plug and play plugin and once you enable it, you can make some changes according to your need. For example, you can define custom location for cached gravatar images. Also, depending upon your theme you can also define the size of gravatar which you want to cache. It’s a good idea to keep it same as what you are using in your comment boxes.

Here is a screenshot of settings page of FV gravatar cache plugin:

FV Gravatar Cache

After the first time set up, you should click on Run cron now to start caching images from Gravatar. You can refresh the page to see total number of cached images.

I installed this plugin almost months back, but today after moving to Knownhost when I was cleaning my site backend, I found this plugin and realize it’s very useful for every WordPress blog. If you are showing gravatar images on your blog, you should go ahead and install this plugin. You can download this WordPress plugin from official repo here. Also, if you would like to speed your site further, you should disable Gravatar hovercard feature from WordPress discussion settings.

Do you know more such caching plugins for WordPress which will help us to speed up our Website? If you find this plugin useful, don’t forget to share it on Google plus and Twitter.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Reginald says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing this. I was just wondering, is there a way to do this without the plugin?

    Hope to hear from you soon but hey, thanks for the recommended plugin!


  2. Shshank Johri says

    Gravtar images were slowing down my website also..I was trying it for a long time but now after reading the post it will surely help me and my site will load much faster..Thanks Harsh for the post..

  3. Amit says

    What is the point of using cache plugin to cache images ? Instead of loading 20 different avatars from superfast gravtar servers(CDN), it’ll load from ours. Loading from multiple servers is always a good idea.
    Caching gravtar is useless unless we can treat locally cached gravtars as a fallback . If one is running on low end server then he might do a lot more damage than good.
    How the Google hosted JS libraries are preferred by many web developer over locally hosted JS files. Same applies to the Gravtar,

    • Christopher Simmons says

      Amit, apparently you have not used Google PageSpeed insights on your site(s). The gravatar loading doesn’t have “proper” expiration headers, with an expiry time of only 5 minutes. This comes up as an “error” with a score penalty for page speed. By caching comment gravatars locally, a site with MANY comments, loads the local images vs pulling from the outside server as may as 20 times for one page, which is terrible for page speed.