How to Use Facebook Lookback to Create Facebook Timeline Movie

Update: This article is updated to feature latest Lookback feature. Facebook timeline movie maker is not working anymore, but you can take advantage of Lookback feature which is launched by Facbeook for their 10th anniversary. Follow the below mentioned process to create a movie.

You must be well aware of the Timeline profile that Facebook announced at the f8 developers meet last year. If you aren’t, the Facebook Timeline is basically a beautiful and colorful representation of your life and time spent on Facebook. During the launch, Facebook enticed the crowd with a Facebook Timeline movie made of a certain users profile. However, not many were stoked with the idea of having their whole life, i.e, photos, status updates, friendships, wall post, videos and everything else posted on a single page and open to all your friends.

And many are going to be furious once they will be forced to change to the new Timeline profile and let go of the old look. Yes, Facebook is doing that. Slowly, but it’s happening and there’ve been a lot of negative reaction to it. But, the social networking giant knows that people will still come to the site and gradually start liking the new profile design.

The Facebook Timeline Movie : Lookback

Facebook is celebrating 10 year birthday celebration with a new feature call Lookback. This will let you create a beautiful timeline movie of your Facebook profile which you can share with your friends or with everyone on Facebook. The best thing is, loopback feature can be use on your smartphone or on your web-browser. Unlike last year timeline movie maker, loopback is just one click thing and you movie will be live.

Facebook lookback

To use this feature, simply go to this link and make your Facebook movie. If you want to see movies created by everyone else, simply search for Hashtag Facebookis10 or use this link to browse the hashtag. Here is my Facebook movie:


Everyone wants to star in a movie, that is related to their lives, we all want to show the world how our life is. Same is the concept with the Fb Timeline movies. A movie developed using all the events, pictures and things posted on your new Timeline profile is simply called the Facebook Timeline Movie.

How to Edit Facebook movie?

Here is a good news for anyone who would like to edit your lookback movie. Now you can edit your movie by following this link. They have just basic feature for now, but I’m sure it will be useful if you want to get rid of certain moments from your Facebook movie.

Do let me know how’s your Facebook movie coming along?  Also, do share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and let them create an awesome movie for their timeline.

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  1. vikas yadav says

    A very funny tricks that most of the facebook user around the world use it, now days. Even Facebook founder mark zuckerberg has created his own facebook movie and published it on his timeline. But a great post, i have never see this post on any other blogs.

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    This is really Kick ass, i never knew that we can do something like this. And its true, having a video is also a great way to revive nostalgia about our past experiences that we have shared on Fb. Very awesome post Siddie!