How and Why To use Facebook as Business Page

Facebook is truly amazing, and that’s one reason it’s so addictive. In past 5 years I have tried many social networking sites, forums but nothing beats the level of addiction Facebook offers. Like everything, Facebook have it’s own advantages & disadvantages, and by the end of the day when I evaluate effect of Facebook on my productivity level, I find it to be the biggest time-waster. Many time, I wished to deactivate my Facebook account, but again it’s not the right thing to do, as apart from making personal connection, I use Facebook for marketing purposes. Specially Facebook pages are the key factor for driving traffic from Facebook for a blogger.

The question is: How you can maximise the use of Facebook for productivity?

Today,  I will be talking about one less talked feature of Facebook call “Identity switch“, which will help you to use Facebook as your Fan page, and will explain benefits, and how to use this feature for making most out of your Facebook page marketing effort.

What is Facebook identity switch and how to use it?

Facebook identity switch is an old feature of Facebook, which will let you use a business/Fan page as a profile. You can use your blog business page as a profile, and to comment on other pages posts. You can also like other business pages using your Fan page, and it has many benefits, which I will explain later in this article. First let’s have a look at: How to use identity switch.

Go to your Fan page > Click on Edit page > Click on Use Facebook as “Page name”. See the screenshot for better understanding:

Use Facebook as business page

Once you have done this, now you can go ahead and like Facebook business pages in your niche. This way, you will be able to see updates from those pages, and will be able to comment as your business page. You can like ShoutMeLoud Fan page, and find more pages using this link.

Now, let me explain some of the advantages of the same.

Advantages of using Facebook as business Page

Less noise, and more productivity:

When you are using Facebook as your business page, you will be seeing updates from pages that you have liked. One tip which I recommend here is to like pages which are relevant to your niche or your interest only. Do understand, your business page is not your personal Fb profile, so focus more on adding stuff which are related to work only, and not for entertainment.

Interaction + More likes:

When you will be commenting on other pages updates with your business page profile, you will be able to create more connections, and you will get more likes.

  • When you like a Fan page, usually admin notices it, and you are more likely to get a return like. (If you page is interesting)
  • When you comment on other posts with your business page, other users can like your comments, and a meaningful comment will help you to get targeted fans.

Out of all, I liked this feature, as it keeps me away from checking Facebook back-to-back. Also, seeing work related update, helps me to stay focused on work, instead of getting distracted. If you have never used this feature of Facebook fan page, I highly recommend to give it a shot, and you will find it very beneficial.

Have you ever used Facebook page as profile? how’s your experience? If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook & Google plus.

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  1. Joel says

    You’re right, facebook is addictive. The Facebook page has assisted me to get devoted fans. One challenge though is large amount of people like and share the hyperlink without really clicking them…So while one sees lots of likes the particular clicks might be less. Atleast this is correct in my blog and facebook page

  2. Leandro says

    It is very nice Harsh! Many small business can enjoy this and run business by facebook profile as their business site. Thanks!

  3. says

    Nice way as to how you get more likes. Sites like get 25% of business via facebook business page. It is nice tool to generate traffic to your webite

  4. Stephen Malan says

    Good post Harsh.

    FB and Twitter are our weak areas that we are addressing right now. So we are learning as much as we can to do FB and Twitter the right way and most effective way.

    This post helped!

    Thank you,

  5. desi Traveler says

    You are right, facebook is addictive. The Facebook page has helped me in getting dedicated followers. One challenge though is lot of people like and share the links without actually clicking them…So while one sees a lot of likes the actual clicks may be less. Atleast this is true for my blog and facebook page.