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Upload Photos to Facebook from Picasa Photo Uploader plugin

Upload Photos to Facebook from Picasa Photo Uploader plugin

With the rise of so many Social networking sites, it’s a headache to individually upload photos and album to every social networking sites. For example, I usually upload photos to Picasa, Facebook, Google plus and Flickr. Imagine the amount of bandwidth I consume all the time for uploading the same set of photos to different social networking sites.

Today, I will be talking about one useful app for Facebook users, which will let you import photos from Picasa to your Facebook profile.

Picasa Uploader for Facebook:

It’s an adobe air based app and you can get it from here. You need to have adobe air installed on your system. This plugin is very useful for people who use Picasa and facebook. Picasa to facebook uploader plugin is a simple plugin which will let you upload images from your picasa album directly to your facebook account.

Along with it, you can set the resolution of images, transfer the caption of images. I usually use Picasa software to upload all images from my system to Picasa web, and now I use this useful app to transfer those pics from Picasa to Facebook. I’m sure Picasa users will find it very handy. Do give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

Also, I’m sure you must have started using Google plus social networking site, and you can follow our tutorial on How to transfer Facebook data to Google plus, to import pics from Fb to Google plus.


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  • Namita

    This is fantastic I have all my photos on Picasa. Thanks!!

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Namita, Glad this post is helping you.
      Welcome to Shoutmeloud.


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