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    Updates on the Never Ending Web Browser Battle

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    The last few months have been up for some interesting things when it comes to the never ending browser war that seems to be pushing on. Web browsing over the last year has moved away from simply being about aesthetic and visual appeal.

    browsers Updates on the Never Ending Web Browser Battle

    As more and more people become tech savvy, we’ve been looking behind the scenes for what web browsers can do the best in their use for us. Now web browsers are having to face more and more competition as they try new things to gain the best market.

    Here are the major updates towards this never ending browser battle.

    browser popularity stats1 550x247 Updates on the Never Ending Web Browser Battle

    Browser market share:

    As we can see from the diagram, internet explorer over the past 8 years has gone from a high of 85% market share down to a 27.5% market share in December 2010, as people gain more and more knowledge into what sort of browser it is.

    Looking over the statistics for 2010, the only browser to show any signs of improvements in their numbers was google chrome, but that figure should change with the release of Firefox 4 sometime in the early year – an update from Mozilla that hasn’t happened in a long time.

    Changing speeds of web browsers:

    Chrome is a clear winner in this case and the tests have been going on a long time to prove it. Chrome offers a faster experience when it comes to navigating the web, but that really comes down to how you use your web browser. As a heavy internet user, I strongly rely on Firefox simply because of the large number of plugins that it can offer me. It will be interesting to see what the rest of people decide to do with their web browsers and if they will take a stance on faster speeds, or more customizations.

    An image from pc world explore the browser speeds: <Link>

    168623 browser test 2 chart2 original 550x137 Updates on the Never Ending Web Browser Battle

    Do let us know which Web Browser you like the most in terms of speed and addons?

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    Anish KS

    Netscape on the List ?.

    Chrome is challenging firefox, they got a very good opening. Opera is also good.


    Jens P. Berget

    Hi Peter,

    I am still using Safari most of the time, and sometimes I’m using Firefox (some of the applications at work doesn’t work that well with Safari). I haven’t given it much thought, but I kind of like Safari (I am using a Mac by the way).

    I realize that Firefox has a lot of add-ons, but I don’t use any :)


    Peter J

    hahaha, I’m a heavy user of firefox because it does have the support for the addons. I even run ftp through firefox from a plugin i have installed.

    It certainly does come down to preference though, and most people aren’t going to stop you, no matter what you use :)



    Firefox is the best browser with me :) and Chrome is quite good. I have IE



    My favorite is Firefox. I also like Chrome and only occasionally use IE.



    Hi Peter I would like to appriciate your writing skills and also the way you format your article is the best keep going on


    Harsh Agrawal

    I used to be a big fan of Firefox mostly because it used to be one of the best browser with addons for everything.. But the biggest problem with Firefox was.. It usually slows down your laptop to a great extent…
    Later on I shifted to Chrome and since then I’m loving it and using it..


    Peter J

    Right now, the only other browser that i would use aside from Firefox is Rockmelt, I’m not a big fan of chrome because it’s a google product, and i don’t agree that they should be taking over the internet. :)

    It will be interesting to see if mozilla can fix the problem’s with speed, but then again, there hasn’t been a major updates in the firefox browser for a very long time – so it will be interesting to see.


    Suraj kv

    I was too a Mozilla fan, but later when Chrome was released, I found it very handy and its light. Google really know its way coming. Yet still, I found a little disappointing in chrome is that “You can’t block images or flash in chrome.” And another is “Retrieval of cache!” which is very useful and handy in Mozilla.


    Vijayraj Reddy

    ya updating never ends, Firefox is also releasing their new version Firefox 4..



    I use Google chrome, its the best. Soon its going to be no 1 browser


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Peter, whatever happens I am not gonna change from Firefox. It has amazing features and there is no browser out there with these kinda features. But still it is slowing down my system and I need to close it and open it every two hours. But that’s not a big problem for me.



    since the day i discovered Chrome,i am just using it…
    it rocks man….mostly in terms of speed



    I still think Chrome will give a good competition to Firefox.

    Thanks for the comparison charts.



    I thing FF and Chrome will become main compertitors.



    Firefox for sure is my first preference. I don’t like Chrome as Google can snoop. Instead I use the Chromium based Iron Browser. It is too good and with it’s look one hardly can’t make a difference whether you are using Chrome or Iron. If you need to add extensions, all chrome extensions are compatible with Iron.
    Rockmelt is good but only if your life revolves around Facebook :)



    Ohhh..I made such a mistake doubting my love for Firefox. I thought chrome won the market, but I see now I was wrong. Just love to work in firefox. Its just a legend. Rock on.


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