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    Unblock any website using Opera Tor: Surf anonymously

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    We often come to see  terms like  anonymous and proxy and I’m very sure all of you who are reading this article are aware of what anonymity means.

    I have already posted about How to access blocked website using Your-freedom which is one easy way to access blocked website. Here I’m talking about another way by which you can surf anonymously and also unblock websites which are blocked on your server.

    This time I’m using Opera Tor which Bundles Opera Browser + Tor + Privoxy   to unblock any website.


    Using opera you can be very sure that no traces will be left behind and you can surf anonymously!

    operatortorproxy thumb Unblock any website using Opera Tor: Surf anonymously

    Download The .zip file and click on OperaTor.exe to launch the anonymous opera tor browser.
    The file size is approx. 7 MB!

    Here is the Link:

    Download OperaTOr

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    Hi, please how can i make yahoo messenger of gaim work with your freedom, i find it difficult to configure.

    I will be very grateful, if you help me out

    Harsh Agrawal

    Try configuring your proxy setting in Gaim after starting Your-Freedom that will help.

    frederick yamoah

    many Ghanaians can not afford the charges that mobile phone companies are charging for their internet services, the only way therefore is to use a software that can bypass these restrictions so they can surf the net for free, currently, we are using your freedom but it is sometimes very slow and also due to the time restrictions we dont enjoy it very much. we will therefore be glad if anyone with a new method can come to our aid. Thank you


    Proxy is ridiculously slow, that when the page actually is loaded.
    Good luck with your “freedom”.

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