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    Unlocking your freedom: Proxy way part 2

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    ultra surf thumb Unlocking your freedom: Proxy way part 2

    I have covered one of the best way to unlock your freedom by using Your-freedom
    Now this is the another way¦Which is the best way to Unlock any Blocked site.
    In this method you are going to use an ultra light software which is way too fast n very small in size
    In this method we are going to use a software name as ultra surf You can download the Ultra surf from
    2 From rapidshare
    Now Download and run the program


    If you use a proxy gateway to connect to internet , enter the settings in the option
    ultrasurf settings Unlocking your freedom: Proxy way part 2

    or use direct connect to internet and click OK.

    It will automatically search for the servers and soon you will see a window like this and you are now ready to surf anonymously
    Now change your browser settings to
    Port: 9666
    You can even use torrent, messengers and various p2p Software.
    Ultra surf is the One of the best way to connect to internet anonymously and unlocking your freedom!
    I was in the college where they used to usewebsense firewall which was very effective but using ultrasurf I easily used the internet with more then 100 kbps and without any problem!

    Ultra Surf Unlocking your freedom: Proxy way part 2

    you can also refer to my other method on unblocking orkut, facebook, myspace and unblock anyrestriction:

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    Hello sir,Pls,im using untra surf here,but when ever i want to send a programme on internet,it denies me.EXAMPLE: it doesnt allow me to send mail via yahoo,it doesnt allow me to make comment and add friends on facebook,pls….let me know the way forward,Hope to hear from you soon


    @ Dare
    I’m using Ultra surf for years and I haven’t face any problem. The speed which I get with ultra surf is quite good.
    Though you can try changing your browser if you are using Internet explorer. I suggest try Firefox.
    If that doesn’t helps you try using another proxy software : Your-Freedom.


    Great info… Awesome for all torrent client users out there!

    Harsh Agrawal

    you can try your Freedom software as an alternative to ultra surf.



    i will try to open ultrasurf but thay not connect its speed are 100% and then failer to connection… wat can i do?


    I’m facing the same problem as Razzak too…..cant seem to use ultrasurf at all. I’ve checked all setting and it is ok. Please help!


    can one use “open vpn” together with Ultrasurf (just like your-freedom)?


    On my computer your-freedom shows a downlink of 60 kbps but actual download speed is only 10 kbps.Can u tell me how i can use full download speed ?


    I can’t use this program, because it is unable to contact to the server. I used my server’s proxy settings, and still i’m unable to connetct. It says to check my connection. why is that?


    I should have known this was a trojan. The file size is tremendously small.


    All the setting for the ultrasulf are no more working. If there is any other IP or setting please clip it with net so that all user will be online with the softwares.

    iqra ahmed

    Sir i was using ultrasurf for many days in my college bt admin block it, so whats the procedure to unblock ultrasurf please help me out.


    i’m in Ghana and i tried using ultrasurf but it doesn’t work.. i need help to configure it please..!


    I’m in Nigeria and i like to know more about how use ultra-surf and i need for the link page to download it and also need help to configure settings for Nigeria connection. Thanks

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