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Your Freedom Proxy Software: How to configure Your-Freedom


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Your Freedom Proxy Software: How to configure Your-Freedom
In most of the colleges, Offices access to many sites like social networking sites are blocked. Usually we use proxy websites but again they are not really helpful and though we manage to find some working proxy sites, within hour Firewall software will detect it and will block it. In my college we had websense firewall, which was way too smart and detect proxy sites in couple of hours.
So hunting for proxy site every day doesn’t make sense to me. Finally I realized the power of proxy software which is not easy to block and they worked way better than proxy sites.
Proxy software which I’m talking about is your-freedom which offers paid and free version of its software. Though if speed is not your prime concern, you can always use their free version.

your freedom 550x435

Your Freedom

Your Freedom is a proxy based software which creates a connection to Your-Freedom servers..
1. Go to register your self,don’t worry its free of cost
2. Then go to
and download the Your freedom full installer if you have the problem of slow bandwidth you can download the windows installer which runs on java,which is about 1MB
3. Install the software
4.Now You have to configure the software which is very easy , just follow the steps:
5. First of all enter your account information ,It’s the same with what you have register in the site

your freedom account information 550x415

6. Just in case if you surf from a place where you need to add a proxy setting into your browser settings, you need to add same detail in the screen shown below.
your freedom proxy settings 550x433
For the user who are directly connected to internet leave it blank.

5. Now click on search server and it will automatically search for the server and it will show you the list of available server, use the most preferred server.
7. About your privacy don’t worry all servers use https so your information are as safe as it is with you!
8. Once the server is selected In the main window click on start connection.
And now you are ready to surf anonymously and without any problem
Now change your browser settings to

  • IP:
  • Port:8080


Here is the list of Freedom servers you can try If you have the problem finding server in freedom because of Firewall You can manually configure this

  • Port =443
  • Protocol=https

In case if you want to refer the configuration provided by the site

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