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FreeGate Proxy Control: Best UltraSurf Alternative

FreeGate Proxy Control: Best UltraSurf Alternative

I have been a big fan of UltraSurf but obviously it would be really a bad idea to be dependent on one proxy tool. So I started hunting for some of the best possible Ultrasurf alternative. I found FreeGate Proxy control, Your-freedom, Jap and I tried and tested all of them. After my testing I can say FreeGate Proxy Control is the best Ultrasurf alternative at this moment.

FreeGate1 How Freegate is Best Ultrasurf Alternative?

I’m sure if you are reading this post, this means you must have tried many other proxy software’s too. There are few features of Ultrasurf which I always love and that is it’s a light weight and doesn’t require much/any configuration. And in the same way, Freegate doesn’t require any configuration. It’s also a light weight proxy software and apart from web proxy it also offer mobile proxy software.

More over, Freegate is a free and what more you can expect out of a free proxy tool.

What is FreeGate & how to Configure Freegate?

So, before I will start talking about this little tony piece of proxy tool, I’m sure we are on the same boat that this is best ultrasurf alternative. If not, then also read on:

Some time back China blocked BlogSpot and no matter what ever the reason is, it created issues for many bloggers from china and normal users who surf internet for information.

A company name Dynaweb created a proxy software call “FreeGate Proxy Control“, which will let you easily access any blocked site using Freegate proxy servers. It’s configuration panel will help you to configure unblocking for certain sites and for all the sites.

When you will install Freegate, it will also ask you to install packet filter set up and it’s useful for premium Freegate users.

2freegate66professional screenshots


And it’s very easy to use and configuration part is automatic in internet explorer and for other browser you have to change just the Ip and Port no

Port: 8580Freegate3

Install this software and run it and rest. You can also unblock websites like Facebook, Orkut and other social networking sites.

Download FreeGate

you can also refer   my other method on unblocking orkut, facebook, myspace and unblock any restriction:

If you get to know about any other Ultrasurf alternative other than freegate, do let us know via comment.

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