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    Whistle Phone: Unlimited Free Calls to U.S.A from iPhone & Mac

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    Whistle Phone is one of those few iPhone and iPad apps which I love the most. Some time back I told you about Google voice account which gives you a U.S.A based number and also you can make free calls to U.S.A. Though for some strange reason this trick stopped working for me and then I had to start with hunt for another software which can help me to make free calls to U.S.A.

    Since I have a huge client base in U.S.A, unlimited free calls to U.S.A will save lots of money from me. Here I found a useful iPhone application call Whistle which also works on iPad and Mac/Windows system which will let you make free voice call to U.S.A. and you will also get a U.S.A number.

    How to use Whistle Phone on your iPhone?

    In this tutorial I will tell you how you can create a free account on Whistle and get your own U.S.A number and make free calls to U.S.A.  You can follow the same method for their windows or Mac based application to get your own U.S.A. based number.

    Download Whistle iPhone application from app store or windows app from their official website.

    WhistleiPhoneapp thumb Whistle Phone: Unlimited Free Calls to U.S.A from iPhone & Mac Install Whistle Phone and start the app on your iPhone. Now in the option click on create a new Whistle account.

    WhistleiPhoneinstall thumb Whistle Phone: Unlimited Free Calls to U.S.A from iPhone & Mac Now simply add your information  to register. You have freedom to select area code to get your desired U.S.A code. But if you are not sure, you can always let the system select a number for you.

    Once you have done successfully you will get an Email to verify your account. Once you have verified your account, you will be able to make free calls to U.S.A . Though when you make a call, you will be greeted with an advertisement for 15-20 seconds but after that there is no limitation on duration of calls

    For people who don’t have iPhone, simple download the windows or Mac application and get it installed on your system. I have Whistle phone installed on my iPhone and on Windows 7.

    Do let us know what do you think about this whistle phone free service? And also let us know what service do you use to make free calls to U.S.A?

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    Mr MakingUsmile

    I could not find this app for my droid phone. I have heard that skype works really well. Thanks for the info.’

    Mr. MakingUsmile


    Harsh Agrawal

    They have this app available for Mac, Windows and iPhone.. No luck for Android for now..!!
    Skype is good solution but this one offers free Voice call.. You might like to try Google Voice. It’s also good..


    Vincent Chow

    You can get yourself an account and use it on any Android SIP app.



    Google Voice is still working. It hasn’t closed yet !


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for the info Mahesh.. Yah It’s working but for some strange reason it stopped working for me.



    How to configure this on Windows PC?


    Harsh Agrawal

    Sai I configured it first on iPhone and after that I just added my reg info in windows.. Though the process for Windows would be almost the same…!!
    Let me know if you get stuck anywhere….


    Kunal @ TechHogger

    WOW!! its good. Already people who has lots of US calling are benefited by Google Voice. I wonder why we have so cheap call rates to US, they’re even free via VOIP and cost mere 1rs. with mobile connection but countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal which are our neighbor costs us too much to call. The cheapest call rate to these countries is 7 rs.

    I call Nepal a lot and it cost me too expensive. :-)



    setting google talk in India takes a hell lot of time. will try this software. thanks for sharing


    Surender Markam

    Can I use this service for verify Google Voice account?



    Great apps, I need this as my domain hacked and stolen by Chinese hackers and Ineed this to call US. Thanks



    Harsh, Viber is another such free VoIP based iPhone app which allows free calls.


    Jiyan serhildan

    I downloaded the app and set up everything. It works but every 3 -4 minutes there is disconnection do u know why it is like that?



    I have been using this app for so long. I called my girlfriend every night for about 6 hours, it was free. Now I received an email from them and they’re changing their policy to up-to-20-minutes. I will have to take a look for other app.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Yah even I have received the Email from them. Have you tried Google voice??



    They ask about promo code and after I have try 3 time the told me we can not make an account


    Harsh Agrawal

    Yah they have changed from free to paid one some time back. Kind of sad to see such freemium service going premium after nice media coverage.


    Yo Ho Ma

    I tried downloading it from the webpage for my computer. The download is completed but every time I try installing it, it says error. I mean it gets installed half way but then says some files are corrupted HELP ME?


    MF Ali

    This is working great………. Thank you very much my friend.


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