Here Is The Smartest Way To Unlike Inactive Facebook Pages

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Here Is The Smartest Way To Unlike Inactive Facebook Pages

I’m a Facebook user from last 4 years, and I have liked over hundreds of Facebook pages over this time. Most of the Facebook pages I liked are based on my brand loyalty, or for the information they share on the pages. Chances are high that pages which I have liked back in 2009 are no more related to my current interest, and it’s hard for me or you to go back and identify such pages and unlike it.

Unlike Inactive Facebook Pages

More over, with every passing day we liking new Facebook page or adding new friends, and out Facebook profile is flooded with too many information’s. Earlier, I have shared a detailed tutorial on how you can take control of your Facebook news feed back, and in this guide I will share how you can manage the Facebook pages that you have liked. : Unlike Inactive Facebook Pages is one useful web-service for every Facebook user to manage the liked pages. This service is available for everyone, and all you need to do is head over to home-page and click on Analyze your profile, and within seconds it will list down the detail of pages you have liked. Along with the name of pages that you have liked, it will also show additional details like Number of likes on that page, type of page, last update and quick unlike button. At this moment there is no option to select multiple pages and unlike it with one click, but that’s alright as unliking and adding a checkbox both requires just one click. Here is the screenshot of dashboard:

manage Facebook page likes

As you can see from the screenshot, you can sort these pages based on stuff like “Last update” “Alphabetical” and so on.

Chances are many of you might have a busy schedule, and would not want to spent a lot of time analysing all the pages and manually unliking them, that’s where “Personalised recommendation” tab come into the picture. Click on “Personalised recommendation” tab and it will suggest pages that you should unlike, and pages that you should like.

Unlike inactive Facebook pages

You should also check “My statistics” page to see what kind of pages you like the most. This will also give you an idea about what kind of stuff you are more interested on Facebook, and kind of pages you have liked currently. With the growing number of Social-networking sites, it’s important for us to keep cleaning up our Social-media profile to avoid information overload, and to see only those information’s which we are interested in. This is a relative new service, and I’m hoping to see more updates in coming days. For now, it’s one of the useful free service that will help you to unlike inactive Facebook pages, and manage the pages you liked.

Bonus Tip: Like Facebook Page but don’t receive any update

There are times when you are suppose to like a page for various reasons such as: Your friends created it, you like a brand or your locality pages. In most of the cases you like such pages just to be there, but those updates are not something you are interested in. In such cases, you can take advantage of “Follow/Following” feature. When ever you like any page, and don’t want to receive updates from them in your news-feed, simply click on “Follow updates” button and you can still like but avoid receiving updates in your newsfeed.

Facebook Unfollow page

If you are an active Facebook user, you should definitely take advantage of free service, and start unliking inactive and useless Facebook pages. If you know of more such similar services, do let me know via comments. Do join us on Facebook and share about this useful service on Facebook.

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  1. Aqib Shahzad says

    Just unlike 300+ pages through using this online service, Thanks a lot Harsh for sharing this informative guide.

  2. Andrew Richard says

    Hi Harsh
    I have created a separate page for my blog one month before only,i have learned some great tips from your post.Thank you for providing such a wonderfull post.

  3. Hafeez Ansari says

    Thank you for sharing this good method. Now its very easy to manage the liked pages. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Nitin says

    my god
    thanks for share this harsh because i liked 1k+ pages
    actually i don’t know that how many pages i liked
    Thanks for that :)

  5. says

    Harsh, I love this one! I had not heard of it and will be using it for sure. It is amazing how many tools are out there for social networking management. I will be sure to share it with my Facebook friends too.

  6. Prateek says

    Very useful info shared Harsh, over a period of 3 years I have liked over 200 pages and now I am quite irritated cause they are all over my my feed. Thanks, now I can easily unlike those pages..

  7. Dk Patel says

    Used and Unlike Almost 120 Pages which were inactive since a Long time.
    Thank you Harsh Sir, for Suggesting this tool.

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