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Uninstall AVG with AVG Removal Tool


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Uninstall AVG with AVG Removal Tool

Installing an Antivirus is not tough, but the problem comes when you are uninstalling your anti-virus. How many time, you have seen system crashing or reacting unexpectedly while trying to remove Antivirus from your system? I have seen it many time. Most of the Antivirus companies, comes up with official removal tool for Antivirus, which helps them to delete all the traces of software. Today, we will look into AVG removal tool, but before that I recommend you to read following posts:

AVG Removal Tool Download link:

AVG antivirus removal tool is one of the best official tool to uninstall and remove AVG antivirus completely. This small utility not only remove AVG completely but also remove all the items from Virus vault of AVG software. Though we have so many tools for the uninstallaion of software programs. One good reason for using a professional software removal tool is that it removes all the instances of the installed program and registry entries.

Avg removal tool


Talking about Anti-Virus programs they are really bad when it comes to leaving instances after un-installation probably that’s why most of the Anti-virus companies come up with default tool to uninstall those antivirus.

In case you facing any of these problem like failed Installation of AVG antivirus or Failed un-installation of AVG you can download AVG removal tool from AVG download-tools.

Download AVG removal tool

Do let us know if this solved your problem or not, and if you need uninstallation tool of any other Antivirus tool, let us know via comments.

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  • Prasanna

    Uninstalling few Anti-Virus programs is bit tricky. As you said, though we can directly use ‘Add or Remove’ programs to uninstall the software, most of the time it doesn’t delete all the associated files from our hard disk. So, it’s always better to use software specific standard removal tools to perform a complete uninstall.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @ Prasanna
      You are right…otherwise left over after uninstalling this software from default method creates problem…


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