Learn How Google Search Works By Matt Cutts

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Learn How Google Search Works By Matt Cutts

We talk about SEO all the time and when we talk about optimizing our blog for Search engine, our first targeted search engine is Google. No wonder people using Google in comparison to Bing or yahoo search are more. Most of the time for better SEO we talk about Back links, Page rank, Meta title, Keyword relevancy and so on. Have you ever thought how a Search engine fetches result for our search queries? How they find the best page and provide us useful information?

This video from Matt Cutts will explain you how Google search engine works. A must watch for all the bloggers and webmasters :

Though Matt Cutts also added that Google page rank also plays in a major role for better ranking in search engine result. In my earlier post Google Pageprank or Google page rank most of the reader commented that page rank does not play any role in traffic.

I would like to know your view again on Does Page rank plays any role in organic traffic?

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  1. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    I like the mattcuts video very much..

    im waiting eagerly for PR update…to check how it will change my organic traffic

  2. himanshu says

    i wonder how many websites are left by us when we google our search coz it doesn’t search the entire web

  3. Cebu Tech Blogger says

    I think I was right with my previous comment on your article whether PR really matters or not… It’s very clear… PR really matters…

  4. Ankit says

    Cool, never knew that when we search something via Google we aren’t searching the Web, but we are actually searching Google’s Index. The video is simply great. :)

  5. Anil Gupta says

    Surely, must watch video if you want to know how how Google ranks websites. And page rank plays a major role when you talk about the factors that are taken unto consideration a web page search engine ranking for a keyword on G

  6. Pradhyuman Singh says

    PR and alexa rank doesn’t matters at all, believe me. Just depend on google analytics. ;)

    • says

      Pradhyuman Google analytic is out of the topic thing here.. Since it just plays a role to show traffic… We are talking about if Page rank really plays a role in web traffic?

  7. Basant Singh says

    Google PR definitely plays a role. I’ve experienced that at my blog & have written a post as well on my observations. After the PR increase I also observed that I got visitors from other search engines as well viz. Bing, Yahoo etc; but that may be a coincidence, sort of.

  8. Ajeet says

    I have seen many website with good page rank but ,doing very bad in search engine results.This make me think that page rank is not an important factor ,but all high rank site have good page ranks..

    • NpXp says

      “but all high rank site have good page ranks” – Sorry but you are wrong there. It is not necessary that will have good pr if you rank well on the Google Search Engine for a certain keyword.

      • says

        Keyword ranking is different in this case.. Though Even I believe Page rank and traffic are not completely inter-related.. But if I believe what Matt said in this video, I will say Page rank plays a good role in ranking…

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