Understand Alexa Parameters of your Blog that Advertisers note

As the owner of a blog, you are its webmaster. It is essential to understand various parameters that are used to used to judge a website.  There are many sites like Alexa, Compete.com, SEMRUSH which shows any blog traffic and ranking stats. These sites show many details about your traffic and keyword ranking.  Specially, when it comes to getting advertisement for your blog, a good stats on these sites, helps you to increase the chances of getting direct advertisements. We will be talking about Alexa today, which is one of the popular site to check traffic stats and compare stats between multiple sites.

These parameters are taken into account by Alexa ( the traffic analysts) . There is more to your blog than just the unique visitors and total impressions. The other parameters like Bounce rate, Top Queries from Search Engines, Impact Factor and PPC Budget. First let us examine the importance of these parameters.

Importance of Alexa Traffic Parameters

These factors are taken into account by potential advertisers who are interested to advertise on your blog. When you market your blog, it actually turns into an online business. These parameters govern the stature of your blog. An advertiser monitors your monthly PPC  budget and then does research on how your blog fares in search engines. This is estimated by the impact factor along with competititon in the keyword that the advertiser advertises for. Overall, the cumulative effect of these parameters on advertisers outweighs your readership base ( that is RSS feed subscribers, Facebook likes and twitter followers ).

Bounce Rate:

It is the percentage of your unique visitors who make just a single page view. A 60 % bounce rate implies that 60 out of 100 people make just one page view. So, in terms of reputation , a lower bounce rate is deemed better. However it is a tough task to lower the bounce . And a low bounce rate is an authoritative statement that your blog receives targeted visitors who are compelled to read more. In general websites with low bounce rate have more time of visit per visitor on average. However , exceptions are there.

Alexa bounce rate

Top Queries from Search Engines:

This displays a report about which keywords get you the maximum traffic from search engines. It is a split of total organic traffic by keywords. It forms part of the Search Analytics button on Alexa. This is not only helpful for Advertisers, but Bloggers can use it to find long tail Keywords.

Top Queries from Search Engines

Alexa Impact Factor:

This parameter grabs the attention of advertisers. The impact factor is a score that is given to keywords of your blog. More the Impact Factor greater is your dominance in that keyword. It is a fuction of your SERP ( Search Engine rank position) .A very high score indicates that you are opening above the fold on the first page of Google Search result and visitors click on that link. And that is not all. The more competitive the keyword is , the higher your Impact Factor will be. Alexa is the flagship destination to note Impact Factor keywords of a blog.

High impact search queries

PPC Budget :

This budget is an estimate of blog revenue due to PPC advertising. The higher your PPC budget , the more rates ( both CPM and CPC) you can charge. It conveys to the advertiser that you earn great money from your blog and the rates for ad placement are surely going to be high. This is well deserved as it is a strong message about the financial strength of your blog.

PPC budget

Besides these standard variables , some advertisers attach weight even to the Audience and Demographic( location of the visits) analysis. Nevertheless, as a blogger , if you are keen on keeping your blog robust and present in the best possible way to advertisers a simple Advertise page will not suffice. Present your strong points in front of the market.

So the best thing which you can do here is, work on increasing Alexa rank and once you have a decent Alexa rank (Less than 1 Lack), you can consider adding Alexa rank widget on your blog, which will not only help you to boost your Alexa traffic rank, but potential advertisers will get direct access to understand your traffic stats and help them in making decisions.


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  1. jaiganesh says

    The information is useful for getting ranked in alexa. But for this the content sahll be orinal and keyword targette. Is it necessary to write daily for the blog

  2. Kulwant Nagi says

    Quite Impressive Explanation !! Newbie Bloggers always keep running to improve alexa, but traffic and alexa are different thing and you represented very well.

  3. Shiwangi peswani says

    OMG, its so much to learn..Thanku Guarav for sharing these useful tips. Tell me one thing, what could be the reason of getting 100% bounce rate? Actually my website usually has a bounce rate of 40-50% but yesterday it was 100%. I guess it could be the server issue as the avg time on my site of visitors was also 0 second. What do you say ?