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Last time we talked about what is typography and how to select best font. One thing which I have learned from my experience is typography matters a lot, No natter how good your blog design is, if your typography is bad, your readers are not going to stick to your blog and that will result into higher bounce rate.

I’m not an eminent in typography nor I understand much but I keep learning as much as I can and here is a sexy website name Typeissexy which give you some basics of typography.

Though this website do not cover all the aspect of typography but if you are interested in this part of design, this will help you to give a quick basic tour of typography and for beginners it is good to get a basic idea.



Do share some more resources which can make you pro in typography.

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  1. Suneel says

    The nomenclature surely scares the hell out of me. I would stay away from typography for a while as I am quite comfy with Arial, Verdana and Garamond on my blogs.

    Garamond is my fav font all time as the readability online is very good with it while Arial is good for, yeah PRINT. Verdana had been like a buddy to me for the past 10 years.

    I vote Garamond to be the best font ever.

  2. Murlu says

    Agreed on your statement, just like color, overall design and layout, the typography can make or break your design.

    If it’s too hard to read, people will bounce. If it’s too elegant, it could come across odd to your reader base. So many different factors to consider.

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