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Recently, I came across a useful free service for Blogger call TYNT, which helps in generating free backlinks for copied post. Let’s not misunderstand this service with something like RSS footer.  It work’s out of the box and after using it for 6 months, I highly recommend everyone to use TYNT script on your blog.

As I mentioned in my previous article about Plagiarism, I always get irritated when I see my content being copy-paste on some other website. I’ve always been trying to find some solution to stop the same! One simple method, commonly known and widely used, is to disable the right click. But do you think that’s a comprehensive solution to the problem? I don’t think so!

Well, after some research on Google, I found an interesting script that shall work out little magic – generates a backlink, if someone tries to copy-paste your content. Interesting… Isn’t it? Before I illustrate the sign up process and its pros & cons, I wish to add few words about backlinks so that the newbies get to know what the script would actually do.

Backlinks, otherwise called as incoming links or inbound links, are links that point to your blog from other websites. This serves as the most important criteria for Google to rank various websites – the backbone of PageRank (PR). So, by installing the script from Tynt, you simply get to increase the number of backlinks for your blog. They offer a lot more interesting features which are further explained in the article below.

How to Install TYNT script on your blog:

Simple! Follow these instructions. First, navigate to the following link – Tynt and sign up as a publisher for free. Look out for the tab that says “Get Started” or “Sign Up for free”. Look at the screen shot below for better understanding.

TYNTYour next screen should contain some form to fill similar to the one shown below. Just fill out the basic details – email address, domain/URL and your password and accept to their terms by checking the box and hit the next button.

step-2You’ll be taken to another screen as shown below wherein you can customize the address bar tracking and the attribution which will be attached when people copy your content. I suggest you to leave them with their default options – eespecially if you are a newbie. There’s no harm if you hop around to see what options they give. They are pretty simple and easy to understand. I feel the default options are more than sufficient.

TYNT codeNext, you’ll be provided with the script along with the instructions to add the same! They ask to install the script in head section of your theme but, I recommend you to add the script just before </body> so that, you load your content first and later, load the script – applies to blogs run on blogger/WordPress. Save your theme/template. And hit the next button to check whether the script is successfully installed or not.

On successful installation, the final/next screen deals with the subscription – the frequency with which the reports about your site should be sent to you via email. However, you can login to their site and view the stats anytime.



The biggest advantage with the script is clearly mentioned in the title of the article – you generate back-links for the content that is being copied from your blog. Secondly, they generate reports, either daily or weekly, that describes the number of links generated automatically for your copied content, the number of words and images that were copied, keywords that bring in traffic to your blog and a report about your social sharing – on which social networking site your content was shared. NOTE: THEY DO ALL THIS FOR FREE.

One Disadvantage of TYNT:

The only disadvantage in using this script happens to be, for those blogs who provide tutorials on web design – CSS, HTML, etc… because, the intent of these blogs are to share some codes which are meant to be copied for the readers. So, by using this script, you will add a source link on to the page source of the template causing a complete mess of the user’s layout.


In short, this script is not effective for web design blogs – those who provide some sort of coding whereas, it is very effective for the rest of the blogs. You may take a look at the video below to better understand about the product.

Further advantages in using this script can be read by navigating to the following link – Why Tynt Publisher Tools? The script is backed up by great websites like designmodo, national geographic, avg, indiatimes, and so on… So, just try the script from tynt and let me know, if you plan to use them on your blog? Shout your opinions via comments:)

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  1. Sanjay says

    Nice Article Mukund To Get Free Backlinks For Your Copied Content thanks for Sharing WithUs But Some can remove before pulishing article

  2. Aakash says

    I am really not impressed with Tynt, using it since quiet few time, and the read more button is good but, those wants to copy simply remove the link. While, their javascript takes times to loads, and also increases the overall page load time!

  3. Sachin Kundu says

    Yes script, I am loving it. Spammer will copy content but it makes work tough. Hope for the best.

  4. D.P.Ranpariya says

    I am very new to the blogging field, and i m going to launch my e-magazine targeted to designing professionals.
    I am very thankful to Shoutmeloud
    your this post will be very helpful to me.

    i will always remember you for this post of yours.

  5. says

    Tynt is Good. But i think that the best way to control content theft is to enable a javascript (search it on Google) that disables copy function – from mouse clicks as well as CTRL +C.

  6. Sunil says

    Never knew about such stuff . I think i should implement on my other blog can’t use it in tech blog . Thanks mukund for the post :) ;)

  7. Mohsin | InternetKhazana says

    I dont think this will work either. Spammer’s are very proactive now a days and will remove your blog link from the copied content.

  8. Amandeep Singh says

    awesome tool… I have been experiencing some auto blogs copy pasting my content.. lets try this one now.. Thanks Mukund for sharing this.. :)

  9. kavya Hari says

    By installing the script from Tynt, in that every one has to increase the number of back links for your blog. Its really new information to me :)

  10. Sreejesh @techgyo says

    I’ve been using it for almost a year now, and I’d say that it does the work of adding backlink very well. Sometimes we get some ping-backs from sites copying. Its a very useful tool

    • sumit says

      Absolutely right. I have used this plugin and it regularly reported 100-150 items had been copied from my site but it didn’t help me.