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    TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog Automatically

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    Few days back I shared with you a useful Facebook application RSS Graffiti, for post RSS feed of your blog automatically to your Facebook wall. So, how can we forget automatic tweet of our blog’s RSS feed? Just like this Facebook applications, there is a useful tool for Twitter known as Twitter Feed which helps you to directly tweet the articles through RSS feeds.

    So, even if you prefer to schedule your post, you don’t have to remember to tweet the latest article. The article will automatically get tweet with the help of Twitter Feed. The process is very easy and simple to add your blog’s RSS feed to Twitter feed.

    TwitterRSS TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog Automatically

    Here are the simple steps which you need to follow to use Twitter Feed:

    • Go to Twitter Feed website and signup for the account. You can sign up easily with your exciting mail account.

    TwitterRSS1 TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog Automatically

    • Once you are logged in, you can add the RSS feed to your twitter profile.
    • Enter the name of the feed and RSS feed URL of the blog. Check out the image for reference.

    TwitterRSS3 TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog Automatically

    • You can change the settings like updating frequency, post sorting, adding prefix or postfix, using shortened link and keyword filter. Click on “Done”.

    TwitterRSS41 TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog Automatically

    • Choose Twitter service and authenticate your Twitter Account and Click “ Create”.

    TwitterRSS5 TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog Automatically

    TwitterRSS6 TwitterFeed: Tweet RSS Feeds of Your Blog AutomaticallyClick on Done.

    • If you want to add RSS feed for more than one blog, you can continue the process.

    Now you can be relaxed because after using this tool you don’t need to worry about tweeting all your latest blog post manually and you can drive huge Twitter traffic easily to your blog.

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    Link to TwitterFeed

    If you are using any such Twitter tool to tweet your RSS feeds automatically, do share with us.

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    Nicely done, better than mine.
    Actually I write about almost the same thing today…. :P



    Oh that’s great..we think alike. Will surely read yours :).


    Kamal Hasa

    I prefer to tweet manually because I don’t want to tweet everything and anything ;)

    What do you say?



    We all write article on our blogs which are useful so why not to tweet them. I don’t find any reason that we should not tweet every articles of our blog.


    I think we can utilize feedburner social features to do this automatically and yours is also an alternative too. Thanks



    Yeah Tinh Feedburner is an option too.


    Tech Maish

    I am using RSS2Twitter. It works almost like twitterfeed but here you can use one RSS feed with multiple twitter accounts as well.



    Yeah Tech Maish, I have tried RSS2Twitter but I liked TwitterFeed more. Thanks for your suggestion.


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Really useful tool.

    This will really save a lot of time, and automates the whole process.

    It’s amazing how technology has automated almost everything.




    Awesome post about auto feed to save our valuable time, My favorite is Feedburner…



    @Nabeel, @Vijay Auto feed tools are very imp for bloggers, atleast we wont miss to tweet any article when we are busy or out.


    Felix Albutra @ Blogging for Profit

    Woh! How bad…. I almost forgot about twitterfeed. Actually, I have an account on it but I forgot. hehheehe..

    Indeed this very useful tool for all twitter users. Thanks for reminding me.



    Glad to remind you again Flex :)


    Dean Saliba

    I’ve been using Twitterfeed for a hwile, I’m happy with it but I’ve stopped looking at the stats because they never seem to work for me.



    oh that’s sad…For me it really worked. Thanks for your feedback Dean.


    Shabnam Sultan

    Nice share :) i use twitter feed for one of my blog.



    Oh that’s great…hope it’s working fine for you Shabnam.


    vaseem ansari

    i think the service is not allowed by twitter any more, i tried using the same service and i got this error
    Twitter no longer allows third parties such as Twitterfeed to use your username and password. To log in, please click Authenticate button above to authenticate your account



    I got that same error message as above (vaseem ansari). Twitterfeed isn’t working anymore.


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