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It is the dream of every blogger to build up a successful blog in his blogging career, and one of the things that determines your blogging success is the amount of traffic and following you can pull to your blog. But you might be wondering now, eespecially if you are a newbie, what effective ways you can use in achieving that wonderful traffic plan you have always dreamed of. Never worry I have written this article specifically for you.

What Is TTO?

I understand that this acronym might be strange to you unlike SEO which you have always heard of, TTO simply means Twitter Traffic Optimization, and I’ll guide you through tips to get a lot of traffic to your blog by optimizing your twitter account for traffic.

5 Twitter Traffic Optimization (TTO) Tips To Gain Traffic To Your Blog

1. Choice Of Handle or Username

The username you choose for your twitter profile plays an important role in the Twitter Traffic Optimization of your blog. Wanna know how?

Now, when you create a twitter account, you are expected to choose a username (Handle) which best describe your blog, business or personal profile. And from experience, when creating a username, choose a handle that describes your blog, or a simple personal username that can be easy for people to remember. For instance, I use a simple username on twitter which is “oscarfranky“. It simply potrays my name, for business purposes, you can choose a handle that describes what your blog is about eg “bloggingtips“. A good idea is to use a handle matching your brand name. Ex “ShoutMeLoud“.

2. Connect With People In Your Niche

This is another tip that works great in pulling traffic to your blog. Now, twitter as you know is a social network to connect and interact with individuals. You can search for like minded people, Retweet their tweets, if they take cognizance of it they would visit your profile.

It doesn’t end their, by now you must have written a little information about your blog on your profile, they would follow the link to your blog, and if you have great contents, you have definitely converted one twitter fan.

3. Make Use Of Hash # Tags

The use of hash # tags on twitter has really worked tremendously for me. Wondering what a hash tag (#) is? Well, when you make a tweet, putting a # sign before any word makes the word clickable. If you click on the word, it would return a search result of all tweets and people who have used that keyword in their tweets. Now, here is how I drive traffic to my blog using hash tags. Make a useful tweet which would include a link to a useful article on your blog, now the hash tag for a specific keyword you know people usually search for that is related to the topic on your blog. Once people search for the keyword on twitter, your tweet would appear, and people would click on the link to read the article.

The hash tag really works a great deal for me, it even turns in new followers daily for me.

4. Tweet Useful Contents Only

If you really need traffic from twitter to your blog, you need to tweet only valuable and useful contents only. This would in turn develop the level of trust your followers have for you. If you are someone that tweets whatever you see, things that are not related to your niche, it will scare away your followers and they would unfollow your account immediately. This would have a serious negative effect on your blog’s traffic if you keep loosing followers.

Make sure that you keep a balance between links and useful tweet. Engage with your followers, and people you follow. Even one good discussion with few twitter user is good enough to give you a follower boost. You can take advantage of bufferapp to tweet content, at regular interval.

5. Use Powerful Headline Titles

While publishing a tweet or blog post on twitter, take out time to write a compelling headline or title that would leave your followers with no other option than to click and read. Writing powerful headlines isn’t rocket science, you too can, simply take out time, and with practice you can start achieving this is no time. Looking for more tips, here are few articles that you should refer to:


Twitter Traffic Optimization (TTO) is simply the process involved in optimizing your twitter profile for more interactions, connections, and more followers in order to achieve a great and tremendous increase in traffic to your blog. Follow the above steps and you will never regret you did. Please use the comment box to let us know your views about this.

This post is submitted by Oscar from Oscarmini. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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  1. says

    Great article on TTO.

    i really like your hash# tag point but i have one plus point for users i.e.

    use of attractive images with your tweet which grab followers attention among mob of tweets.


  2. Polygon Labs says

    In back days people used to discuss about digg effect …. now we discuss about twitter effect. If your links are retweeted by some strong person (twitter account with huge following) the you can get lot of traffic. So try to get in contact with people with genuine twitter following and ask them to retweet your posts or links.

  3. Dk Patel says

    Thanks for this useful article, before It I was not much aware about use of # tag.
    One question I have ” Is it ok to automate our tweet through blog directly with the help of software or some site or we should tweet manually”

    • Oscar says

      Hi Patel,
      Automating tweets might be disastrous if the software makes tweets of irrelevant stuff and regularly. You followers might get fed up and unfollow you.

  4. Mahendra says

    hello there
    The tips you shared fro increasing traffic from twitter are really seems too effective.These are important for very blogger. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. shiwangi peswani says

    Nice tips Oscar and the best one was to use the hash # tag in the tweets. All other tips were quite known to me but this one was new and seems actually helpful :)
    Thnx for sharing

  6. raman bathina says

    Thanks for providing nice traffic optimization tips.I don’t know about the importance of hash tag before reading of this post.Now i use this technique in my twitter page.

  7. stargaterich says

    In regards to point number 4 which you emphasize as tweet only useful content I think the better approach would be to tweet RELEVANT content. The definition of what is ‘useful’ or ‘important’ is quite subjective. You have to remember that people tweet for different reasons. Some like to spread news about funny news, weird incidents and etc…
    On the other hand, I absolutely agree that the header is very important because it is the 1st liner that a reader sees and decide in the 1st 5 seconds on whether to follow whatever link that is embedded in the tweet.. All in all a great post indeed. Cheers

  8. Stephen Malan says

    Thanks for explaining the hashtags for me and how to use them.

    Perfect timing of this post as we were looking at finding answers on what the hashtags are and the best way to use them.

    Thanks again!

    • Oscar says

      I’m glad you found my article helpful. Twitter drives a lot of traffic if you know how to make use of it.