Twitter Keyboard Short Cuts for New Twitter

Twitter, nowadays is used by a lot of people and have become one of the most popular sites around the globe. Despite of lots of Twitter tools many users still prefer to use Twitter official Website and especially with the launch of new twitter site, Twitter web interface has become more popular.

If you are one of those Twitter user who prefer using Twitter web interface, here I’m sharing few useful shortcuts for new Twitter which will make your Tweeting more easy and fun. You can bookmark this post for future reference.

Here we go with the shortcut keys of new Twitter:-


  1. Favorite : f
  2. Reply : r
  3. Retweet : t
  4. Direct Message : m
  5. New Tweet : n
  6. Toggle Details Pane : enter


  1. Next Tweet : j
  2. Previous Tweet : k
  3. Page down : space
  4. Search : /
  5. Refresh Tweets And Back To Top : .


  1. Home : g h
  2. Replies/Mentions : g r
  3. Profile : g p
  4. Favorites : g f
  5. Messages : g m
  6. Go To User : g u

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Thats all, I have listed all the shortcut keys of Twitter I knew, if I have missed out of any shortcut key, do share them in the comments.
What are your thoughts about these? How often will you use these shortcut keys? What is your overall view on these shortcut keys… do share your views in the comments.

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  1. vishvast says

    Nice article vinayak Very useful…I was not aware about timeline shortcuts…may be now on will try them. doing a gud job keep writing