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    Twitter Got Photo Gallery: Now Convert Visitors into Followers

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    Sometime back Twitter added Photo upload options and which already created big business loss for existing service like Twitpic and now Twitter has enhanced it’s photo features and added a photo gallery. Now when ever you visit someone profile, on the sidebar you will see an option to see the photo gallery. Interesting thing is Twitter has also imported all the pictures which you have uploaded using twitpic. Though I’m not sure if they have done the same for other services like Twitfrog and others, but this will surely hurt other Twitter photo-sharing services.

    Here is how this new photo gallery will appear on your Profile:

    TwitterPhotos thumb Twitter Got Photo Gallery: Now Convert Visitors into Followers

    You can click on View all to see all the previously uploaded picture by users and you have two options to view pictures: Slideshow or grid view. Here is how both the viewing options will look like:

    twitterSlideshow thumb Twitter Got Photo Gallery: Now Convert Visitors into Followers

    Galleryview thumb Twitter Got Photo Gallery: Now Convert Visitors into Followers

    You can actually use this feature to make your profile visitors into followers by adding interesting pictures. Though it shows only recent pictures and not featured images, but you can be smart enough to upload some nice pictures of your Work or may be for your services to make it look great.

    Here is a video walk-through of Twitter photo gallery and it seems interesting:

    Images which were imported from Twitpic are linked to the image uploaded on Twitpic, so message is clear that Twitter doesn’t want Twitpic to die. Probably Twitpic founder Noah Everet should work on making Twitpic better instead of launching Twitter competitor site, which is named as “Heello”.

    By Adding Twitter gallery, Twitter has added another level of interaction and given more reasons to stay on web interface of Twitter. As it is, Twitter has acquired popular twitter client “Tweetdeck” and I’m sure in future we will Twitter picture service integrated into it.

    On other news, Today Twitter founder revealed a social networking site named “LIFT” with completely unique concept. In coming days it will be nice to see how social networking changes it’s face, as Google+ is already in the line of competing Facebook and now other Social networking coming from successful Entrepreneur Biz stone. Is it time for Facebook to do something out of the box?

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    There is no point why these companies first make their own API and when someone starts earning bread and butter they simply add the service as default to their website. I mean what’s the point here.


    rakesh kumar

    how much it would be effective, I am little bit doubtful. Well a new initiative taken by twitter to attract more users.


    Harsh Agrawal

    @Rahul I agree with your statement though they had to integrate new features as other social networking sites like Google+ are getting popular and this is also impacting Twitter. And more over it’s good to have things integrated within Twitter but they should have given a thought about other 3rd party services as their revenue model is almost destroyed with this move.


    Harsh Agrawal

    @Rakesh I guess it’s going to be very effective as you can imagine with the popularity of Twitpic. Now since the same feature is a part of Twitter, it will grow faster and more over Twitter official apps like twitter for iPad, iPhone and Tweetdeck are very popular. So, this service is already a hit.



    Really a great update by twitter , i think may be after seeing the competition between Facebook and Google+ , The twitter has thought to update itself as well….



    This is a cool Future, one step forward for twitter, still it needs some updation on it, making it public might get more interesting.


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