Twitter Autofollow Feature Is Now a Thing Of Past

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Twitter Autofollow Feature Is Now a Thing Of Past

Having a flaunting number of followers on Twitter or any other social networking site is always a plus point for any user. We engage into different methods to ensure that our follower count goes up with time. Apart from sharing likeable and sharable content, as a user we have many techniques to encourage other users to follow us. Specially on Twitter Autofollowing is one most common phenomenon, which attracts users to follow you.

Twitter Autofollowing Killed

Twitter autofollow is more like “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine“. It’s not an official feature from Twitter, but using the Twitter API, many 3rd party services will let you Auto-follow new followers. This is indeed a good starting point for new and veteran followers to quickly gain followers. All you need to do is get inside some of the Twitter directories and list yourself as a auto-follow account. Soon, number of your twitter account will start growing. But, if you have been indulge into practice of autofollowing all your Twitter followers, you are now out of luck.

According to new Twitter guidelines: Autofollow back and bulk following Twitter user is prohibited. Here is the exact excerpt from new announcement:

“We have also clarified some restrictions: hosting datasets of raw Tweets for download is prohibited, and automated following or bulk following is also prohibited.”

What next after Twitter-Autofollow feature?

These new announcement will surely end the life of many 3rd party Twitter services which offer features like auto-follow followers, and at the same time it will give a new meaning to services like Socialoomph, which let you follow new followers in a smart way. Socialommph have a feature call manual vetting.  That means, you can see the list of new followers under you socialoomph account, and you can manually follow users one by one. This practice is much better than blindly following all accounts which are following you, as you will have complete control of users you are going to follow, and your Twitter stream will have less noise.

Automation on Twitter is nothing new, and there are still many level of automation you can implement to make most out of it. One of them is sending auto direct message. This is one practice that I have been following for long, and welcome new Twitter followers to download my WordPress guide for free. I’m using Socialoomph service for sending direct auto-message, and it works great. Apart from Social-oomph, here are few more twitter services which let you send automatic DM.

When I started using Twitter back in 2008, even I started to practice Twitter auto-follow feature, but with time it not only made my Twitter timeline look crazy, It also made me stay away from my Twitter account. After 6 month, I stopped auto-mation of my profile including auto-tweeting my new blog posts, to add more human touch rather than automation. I still use some of the features like sending Auto-DM, deleting inactive followers, removing non-followers and few other things at time.

If Twitter auto-follow feature is a part of your Twitter growth strategy, it’s time for you to look into some other known methods to increase your follower count. Here are some of the best guides and tutorials from past to help you:

What do you feel about these new changes from Twitter? And what all automation method is part of your Twitter strategy? Don’t forget to Tweet and join me on twitter @denharsh.

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  1. Stephen Malan says

    This of course is the by product of Twitters lawsuit last year against Tweet Adder and others. Too bad, auto-follow was such a time saver.

    Oh well……

  2. says

    Hi Harsh, I’m kinda glad it’s gone. I never used it and don’t see the real value in it. What good are followers just for the sake of having followers? I really don’t like the auto DM’s anymore, they seem old to me now. If I want to know more about someone I should be able to check their profile and their blog or website from there, right? Love your pic :)

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