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    Twitter as a Career Launch pad

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    For quite some time people are getting crazy for Twitter. That is the reason its popularity curve is rising exponentially. According to a guess it has magnanimous visitor base of over 70 Lac as on date. Even film stars like Priyanka Chopra, many other celebrities & several business tycoons have enrolled on twitter for sharing their views or leveraging their business.

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    Many Hollywood celebrities are also finding twitter as a virtuous platform to project their talent effectively & quickly. Cashing on the booming popularity of twitter, large bands of people have devised novel ways to hunt for better jobs through it. People find twitter a versatile means to project them by creating their job profiles & interacting with people who can be their prospective employers in the times to come.

    I am giving below 3-Master Guidelines, which can be helpful to tweeting friends in using twitter as a launch pad for their career in their pursuit for a new job.

    Guideline “ 1: Make your presence felt

    The greatest charm of twitter is its simplicity that everything here is in short. Hence to derive utmost benefit out of Twitter as a career hunting platform, it is essential that you make your presence felt effectively. Thus you need to present your highlighting information in extreme brevity. To attain success in this objective following tips shall be helpful.

    1: Present your brief snapshot

    Try to emphasize on every word you write in your job profile. You need to filter out the most important points & personality traits & project them briefly but effectively. Don’t forget to include your hobbies & other activities, which induces a sense of pleasure in you. Use of special keywords to highlight your talents & expertise shall be of great help here.

    2: Include your recent photograph

    Twitter is a wonderful platform for like minded people for interaction & understanding each other closely. Usually we tend to remain a bit conservative in sharing our thoughts with someone we had never seen or met. So it is ideal to include one of your attractive but sober photograph which would portray major part of your personality.

    3: Use your real name

    Since your objective here is to sell yourself, you must use your real name. Don’t try to impersonate especially when your objective is job hunting.

    4: Use attractive background

    Since default backgrounds consume sizable amount of space, it is better to use your own small sized image or some other attractive design to beautify your profile. Changing your Twitter background will give it a personal touch.

    5: Build your network

    Twitter is a fantastic networking tool. So once your profile is launched, there comes the next step wherein you need to focus on building your followers. For this you need to understand people of your profession or your liking & follow them. This way you will be able to project yourself through focused interactions with them. In this process, some people may react to your response; the positive attributes of which you may like to include in your profile. Try to focus on identifying & understanding people of your profession, who could probably extend their helping hand in your hour of need.

    Guideline “ 2: Project yourself as Important

    Twitter is one of the free for all platforms, especially for like-minded people, where individuals exchange their views by keeping an objective of drawing some tangible benefit at the back of your mind. Thus it is essential that you keep spammers & uninterested people out of your profile, so that you don’t land up wasting your time.

    Guideline “ 3: Keep on communicating about your job hunt

    While you interact with people on Twitter, you can keep on pouring-in your intent of job hunt. This will enable you to get help from your followers. This can be effectively done while you interact about your profession, your hobbies or your talents etc. with your followers. It is sincerely hoped that my tweeting friends would use above tips & use twitter as a cool tool to the best of their advantage.

    What do you think? Can twitter be a powerful Career tool? or will it be a time and resource wasting tool?

    This is a guest post by Yoginder who writes at Softwaretestinggenius.com. If You find these tips useful don’t forget to tweet about it.

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    Wow! so much knowledge at a single place! I follow most of them , except my real name because of its unavailability.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I understand every good thing on Internet is always taken like our Real name :). That’s why we have different handle for every other sites.



    well that good info but i think indians have not taken much liking for twitter till now in general as compared to orkut



    Yes, i agree Indian are using orkut more than twitter. Most of my friends ask this “Are you on orkut ?”, but i say no i use twitter new web 2.0 brand.
    .-= Dinesh ´s last blog ..Nokia To Launch Nokia X6 And Nokia X3 This year =-.


    Harsh Agrawal

    @Zeesu @Dinesh
    That’s true but remember how many people have started using Twitter. Though it’s late but its picking up the pace in India. Soon we will see every orkut users on facebook and Twitter :)



    Yes i also think that Indian is not using twitter as compared to other country’s , even some people don’t know that what is twitter ? and how to use it?
    .-= mostlyBlog ´s last blog ..Download Microsoft Office 2010 Build 14.0.4417.1000 =-.


    Harsh Agrawal

    That’s true but this is why because of us. We as a blogger, its our responsibility to spread words about Twitter and latest upcoming trend like Google wave and more. This may take some time but that’s how words can be spread.



    I hope twitter will gain importance in India soon.


    Shabnam Sultan

    Interesting article…… I use my real name in twitter. I hope twitter gets popularity in India.



    Twitter will gain popularity very soon among Indians as its use is extremely simple. Of course for Job Hunt it is a novel idea & it can be used.


    Ayesha Habeeb Omer

    Great Article. I am loving Twitter experience. I know it will revolutionize social media in India too.


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