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    Twitter Alert!: Stay Away from Twitter Retweet Spam Bot

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    Few months back I wrote an article on Hashtag on twitter, and the benefit of using hashtag twitter alert thumb Twitter Alert!: Stay Away from Twitter Retweet Spam Botis many hashtag bots will retweet this articles and make it reachable to new followers.

    Recently when I tweeted one article on 5 web apps to make money from twitter, many twitter bots tweeted this article and following it many Twitter users retweeted this article from that twitter bots.

    Accidently I clicked on one of the link which is supposed to take my to my article, but I realize this article is leading to some sales page.

    Problem arised when one such link was accidently twetted by a power twitter user and after that many user retweeted this link without even bothering what is lying beneath it.

    twitter retweet bots thumb Twitter Alert!: Stay Away from Twitter Retweet Spam Bot

    No doubt retweeting is the easiest way to create an influential profile and specially. And once people will get use to your useful tweet share, they will automatically start retweeting your tweets. So this is an alert note for all the twitter users who blindly retweet the link without even opening the link.

    Do you retweet article without checking the link or you check link first and then retweet the article?

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    OMG..that’s so bad. My Twitter account has been suspended because I was too much tweeting ads. :((



    Twitter accounts get suspended because of this.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Tweeting ads will not do any harm.. until unless you spamming by mentioning people or by DM. Specially when people start reporting you as spam.


    Tanuj Lakhina

    I think I should be careful from now on because I do RT links without opening but only from credible twitter users.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Tanuj even I make the same mistakes at time. But when I saw such kind of spam today, I realize my mistake. I’m glad this post will help you and other users.


    Tanuj Lakhina

    Yeah but Twitter really needs to do something about the amount of bots that have plagued its system. And its not that its a recent thing but has existed since months. Either they should hand in the removal of spammers criteria to some of the users or this way they’d lose respect and credibility.



    Good reminder to everyone. Best not look ike a fool and loose credibility, or worse, spread a virus or other such web destructery, and click the link before hand.



    I never retweet without opening the link first. It’s obviously not wise to retweet before opening it.

    I still didn’t understand the article fully :(


    Robert Latchford

    As Haresh says – always open the link first before retweeting.
    I still think bots should be banned from Twitter.

    The DM function should be used or scrapped completely.
    The amount of people that say they don’t check their DM’s is staggering.

    So Twitter should make a decision , stop the automatic DM’s or drop the DM function completely.



    Its a little odd that people retweet without checking the link. I’ve never done that, but not because I’m some stickler for being thorough or that I’m considering my tweet cred..

    No, its just that I just wouldn’t pass a link along simply because @soandso said so.. Its my stream so it has to have links of value, links that I think are interesting, informative, funny or whatever.. To do that, obviously, I have to check the link..

    Not so much for verification, but more that I genuinely have to value the content of the link before I retweet.

    Imagine the scale at which a scammy “Help Haiti” link could spread and the havoc it would cause


    Haresh Patel

    Yes Robert, allowing the use of bots makes Twitter less of a social platform, I believe.


    Manveer Singh

    Thanks Harsh For The Information, it will help me alot :)



    I think I retweet one time, but it was for a site that I trusted, other than that I guess I’m a “responsible” tweeter reader. Very good post as this needed to remind people about this.


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