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    Twimbow – Leverage Real-Time Web [Web Tool]

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    When it comes to third party tools, there are many sites which runs services around Twitter, Facebook & many other social networking sites. List of such 3rd party tools are endless. Here I’m going to share about one such tool call Twimbow. As name suggests, Twimbow name is derived from Twittter+ Rainbow, which you will realize once you check out the colors and way Twimbox works.

    What is Real-time Web:

    First and foremost, let’s try to find a proper definition for “real-time web”. According to Wikipedia, realtime web is a “set of technologies and practices that enable users to receive information as soon as it is published by its authors, rather than requiring that they or their software check a source periodically for updates”. This information can come in various forms, through different services and for different purposes. The first example (and probably the oldest one) that comes up in my mind is certainly push email. RIM was the first to introduce this concept on their smartphones then technologies like IMAP made it available to most email clients. The last one, is, instead, real-time stream of information and notification to social media dashboard like Twimbow, made possible thanks to the latest technologies introduced in browsers like Google Chrome.

    Twimbow Twimbow   Leverage Real Time Web [Web Tool]


    All that said, let’s try to analyze three ways realtime web can be important for you and how you can use the social media dashboard Twimbow to get the most out of it.

    How Twimbow is going to help you?

    1) Get news immediately

    I am an eager news consumer on the web. The first thing I do in the morning is checking my favorite source of news in order to stay on top of what’s happening around me in various fields I care of. I do this in different ways. The first one is opening my favorite newsreader (Feedly) connected to Google Reader. This way I can immediately get an overview of the news of the day. The second and most important one for me is to check news not really through fixed sources (blogs and so on) but through “monitoring”: I use the “monitor” feature inside Twimbow to come across new articles or sources of news about stuff I care of. I simply “translate” stuff into keywords / tags / users in the Twimbow monitor so that I can get notified about new occurrences. What happens, sometimes, is that I also come across new interesting blogs I can add to Google Reader for future reference.

    2) React promptly to certain triggers

    I don’t know about you, but the ability to have “push notifications” for my emails lets me react to important things very quickly and many times this can translate into business or, in general, being more effective in what you are doing. Same thing with Twitter: the ability to have push notifications about messages, mentions, occurrences of new important keywords all in one from the Twimbow interface is just great.

    3) Awesome engagement

    Want to be awesome with your customers? Real-time engagement is the key. Try to do your best to reply (on Twitter) to your customers/users as quickly as you can and tools like Twimbow can come into help. Your customers need to know you are there and you care of them, one by one. Sometimes it can be difficult and it takes time, but I can assure you it’s worth it. It’s definitely the first step to turn your customers/users into fans and when you deal with fans, they can tolerate your mistakes / bugs way more easily.

    I have experiment the three points above every day and now I can’t live without. You just need to be careful and use them properly otherwise the risk is not to get things done due to an overflow of “interruptions” during your daily activities. What do you think? Are you “pro” a push online life or you prefer to get what you want when you want it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Have you used Twimbow earlier? It offers many features like mute Tweets which you can achieve by creating filters, Instapaper integration, monitoring and many other useful features. Do let us know which feature of Twitbom you liked the most and why would you recommend Twitbom to others?

    This is a guest post by Filos and you can join him on twitter @filos. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    Helmi Asyraf

    Nice tool, Filos. I have never heard about Filos.

    But I wonder, how it is different with Tweetdeck? I’m using it now and it works like charm. Based on what I read about Twimbow, the feature is similar to Tweetdeck. I am right?



    Highly informative post!
    Sure, should be updated for promotion among tight competition!
    Your article stresses the importance of Twimbow in achieving what is needed!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information!



    this one is surely a hit. I was looking for one all-in-one social media tool and this one will surely do the trick


    vimal dwivedi

    I wasn’t aware of such tool ,,for my all Social networks i prefer using Hootsite..
    thanks for this info very helpful article..


    Kyle Miller

    his tool looks really cool but I love my TweetDeck. I’m assuming you can’t use this in conjunction with TweetDeck since you were just going over the three columns. If you can, I’m definitely in. Sure would be a much better way to keep up with things. I like the color coded system.



    Its like Tweetdeck comes to Web 2.0, tried it so far and is”nt disappointed, it has good layout and design as well.



    Looks to be an interesting tool, but it’s hard to beat Tweetdeck at the moment. But you’ll never know how good it works for you until you try, so will be checking it out today.


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