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TweetvalueTwitter is more than just marketing and socializing tool.  I have already talked about Sponsored Tweets, which is one of the best site to make money from Twitter. Now, when ever we talk about making money from Twitter, one of the most important aspect is value of Twitter profile. Creating a profile on Twitter doesn’t mean you start making money or thousands of people are reading your tweets.

It also means, how effective and reachable your tweet is. One way to find out is by analyzing your klout score. But here, we don’t need to analyze our social media outreach only, but the idea is to find how much is the value of our Twitter profile. Here I’m going to introudce to a service call Tweetvalue, and as name suggests it give a price estimation of our Twitter profile.

Depending upon how you take it, for a higher price you can take it as ego boost and for a low value for your twitter profile, you can always start working on reaching out to more users. You can use following posts to improve your Twitter reachability.

TweetValue : How much you can sell your Twitter profile for?

Well, Twitter TOS doesn’t allow you to sell and buy your profile but still as in estimation of your profile value, you can use Tweetvalue. Tweetvalue is a website which estimate your Twitter profile value according to your Twitter followers. The website is simple to use and doesn’t require any login and password.

You can quickly add your Twitter profile URl and find the value, for example, this is how my Twitter profile worth @denharsh:

Value of Twitter

Well $2752 doesn’t seems to be a bad price at all. Though wondering if I really want to sell my online presence.. Ahh Not! Anyways. it doesn’t matter but to feel god, it doesn’t hurt to find the price value of twitter profile and also for your competitor twitter profile.

Tweetvalue also give you HTML code to embed into your site for showing off your profile value, but I wonder do you really need it ? I would rather prefer to put official Twitter button and get more followers, after all getting more twitter followers more better profile value. Is int it?

Enter your twitter profile name and Click on get value.

Link : Tweetvalue website

My Twitter profile worth $2752. Do let us know the value of your Twitter profile? .

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