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    Tweetmeme Twitter Button to get more Tweet.

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    After Digg and stumbleupon, one of the viral traffic source is Twitter. Like Digg effect soon we will have Twitter effect, when any post getting viral on Twitter can burn your server space and bandwidth. Though I’m sure you will never mind that.

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    To get traffic from twitter, it’s very important that your post should be Tweeted by   large number of people. Making them retweet is a different option, but giving them the easiest way to tweet your blog post is what we need to deal here.


    One important factor to make your post more reachable is hashtags.   When you tweet any post make sure you add a Hash (#) as a prefix to the keyword. For an example Suppose you tweeting about WordPress. Add a Hash before the word WordPress. i.e #wordpress.

    Read : Are your using Hashtags with your tweets?

    Twitter retweeting

    There are many twitter retweet service available for blogs, though one of the best is Tweetmeme.

    Tweetmeme button is one highly recognized button for tweets. Anyone can retweet your post using this button, and this will increase your Retweet count, along with it, you will get notified about it.

    Most of top blogs are using Tweetmeme button, and it is becoming a standard and getting recognition.

    The major benefit which I’m getting with Tweetmeme button is, I can keep track of post, which is being considered by my readers and I can increase the frequency of such posts.

    One such post was 5 ways of making money online which got almost 20+ retweet within an hour. Not a very high appealing number, but considering without pushing any tweet, 20+ retweet for a single post is good IMO.

    The point here is, you should always give liberty of retweeting your post with one click of mouse.

    For readers : If you are not very familiar with Tweetmeme button, see it in action at the bottom of the post. You can also use Twitterbar Firefox addon to tweet with single click.

    If you want to get Tweetmeme button for wordpress : Click here

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    Sourish Nath

    i used the tweet button , but nobody seems to tweet :-)


    Surender Sharma

    It depends uopn your blog popularity and the content of your blog.
    If your content is powerful for others then why not they retweet your post.
    If I can benefited with your post then I would like to RT.


    George Serradinho

    The Tweetmeme button can help promote a post to other tweeters and readers. It makes it easy for others to share with their friends, etc.

    I have seen many users place the button at the top, in the middle and at the end of the post. I guess it does not really matter as long as one can share the post with others.



    I stopped using it, because i was the only one who used to RT my posts. It looks odd if you have just 1 retweeter.



    thnx harsh
    i used tweetme button on my blog after reading this article and i got 2 tweets :)


    S.Pradeep Kumar

    Hey nice sharing Harsh.. and btw, is there any suggested time for tweeting my articles ? :D


    Amal Roy

    Retweet button really help when we have some interesting posts for the visitors.



    Fortunately I have the Firefox add-on which allows me to tweet directly from my address bar. Thanks! Love your site


    Michael Aulia

    I’ve already added the TweetMeme button on my blog too but I think you need to have good connection with other bloggers to be used. If not, the button will just be there, doing nothing :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Michael thats not true, I still get tweets on my random old posts and no one asked them to tweet it. It’s all if someone find a post useful and worth sharing, a visible button is always helpful.



    would you tell me how to get the tweetmeme button up there next to the title like yours?

    mine shows up at the bottom of the comment. so the more comments i get, the lower that button go. :(

    i’d appreciate it if you could tell me what kind of code i need to add or what did i do wrong. i’m not good in website coding :\

    thank you!



    Harsh Agrawal

    thanks! but that’s what i did and it showed up at the bottom of the comments :( how to fix it?


    Ash Nallawalla

    I use the Tweetmeme button but it breaks XHTML Strict validation and that is one disincentive from going to the Thesis theme.


    Sean Supplee

    I just added the tweetmeme button to my blog and have to say it is working excellent. I have seen one on other blogs that also has Digg and facebook looking into picking that one up soon does anyone know what the plugin is called by chance?



    Definately a must have plugin. I often retweet posts that are interesting, its easier to do with with the tweetmeme button. Also you’ve got to place it where its visible and not let it get lost in the maze of other buttons.


    Rakesh Narang

    I have added a share toolbar below the post, i don’t know if i will get enough response.

    I am also posting on forums about my blog in their promotion section will it help.


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