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Selective Tweets Tweet only Selected Tweets to Facebook

Selective Tweets Tweet only Selected Tweets to Facebook

Someday back I talked about how to automatically publish your tweet into your Facebook profile. Personally I enjoy publishing my tweets into my Facebook profile, but the fact is I tweet a lot. At the time of writing this article I’m close to 17000 tweets. You can check it on my Twitter profile.  If I will publish all the tweets on my Facebook page, this will be annoying for my readers and that’s why I discontinued using above mentioned Facebook application.

Selective Tweets #Fb App:

As the name suggests, instead of publishing all the Tweets on your profile, you can publish only selected Tweets as status update. One major benefit of this process is, if you are using services like or similar app to Auto tweet, you don’t have to worry about publishing unwanted tweets on your Fb status.

Few days back I got my hands on another very useful Facebook Twitter Application name as Selective twitter.


Once you have done adding this application and configured your twitter profile, all you need to do is, Add a #fb tags while making any tweet. Only tweets with #fb will show up in your Facebook profile. This way you can quickly publish the same tweet on twitter and Facebook.

Selecting Tweets, also offer few configuration settings. For example, by default you need to add hashtag #fb at the end to send any tweet, but you can also configure to send tweets with #fb at starting or middle of Tweets to be published as status update. Over all, I find this very useful specially if you use Twitter for personalized status update (Which you should).

Do let me know if you have ever tried selective Tweets app and how’s your experience so far with it?

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  • sumanth

    nice find harsh…very handy..

  • Hami

    Well nice review Harsh. Many of us are using this and it just fabulous tool.

  • NpXp

    Quite good for people who are addicted to Twitter I guess.

    But then I still feel like Twitter is a good way to spread spam for many out there..

  • chandan

    Hi Harsh that is really very nice tool to connect twitter with facebook. I have done it. Thanks.

  • Raghul

    awesome share :D


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