4 Top Rated Social Analytics Tools For 2015

Social Analytics ToolsSocial Analytics tools let you know how your social media marketing campaign is actually doing. They are an extremely important tool because if you don’t know if your campaign is or is not working, how can you ever correct problems you may be encountering? I mean, you can’t even really pat yourself on the back if you don’t know how good of a job you’re doing, am I right? Yet these social media analytics tools and programs are so much more than that.

  • They can help you to run your campaign through a single site, or find out what type of demographics are being most drawn to your site and content.
  • It can help you track how a content strategy is going.
  • They can even help you organize your work flow by allowing multiple individuals manage your pages to varying degrees- set up by you, the administrator or manager.

Now that you know how amazing Social Analytics softwares can be, you’re probably wondering which of the  crowd is the best, or at least the best for you. It is with this in mind we’ve done a bunch of research and come up with the four top rated Social Analytics Tools For 2015. One of the below listed tools should fit you, your budget, your company, and your brand to a T. Look the over and decide for yourself which is “the one.”

Top Social media analytics tools:

1. Spredfast


This tool is a social media management software that allows you to create reports for certain metrics and then manage your campaign. Although there are not currently a lot of tools or ‘extras’ on the system, it’s great at organizing all of your content for you. Currently, you can use it with almost all major social media networks. A full list of sites Spredfast works with includes: Facebook, Google+, SlideShare, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Things You Can Do With Spredfast & Bonus Features:

  • Manage and organize content and results
  • Manage your work flow
  • Content library
  • Function that ties in with Google Analytics
  • Track and resolve any customer problems via social media

2. Sysomos

Sysomos social media monitoring tool

Sysomos comes with an extremely sophisticated design and is able to accommodate the needs of larger companies, which is why this tool made our list. You’re actually able to run the system with up to five users, along with an administrator or account manager. You are offered unlimited amounts of easily accessible date. Currently, this program works with the following sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, and various forums.

Things You Can Do With Sysomos & Bonus Features:

  • Can look back 30 days prior to when you actually began running the program for data
  • No time limit on the date saved
  • Comes with data pulled from Google Analytics
  • Creates buzz graphs
  • Gives in-depth demographic material

3. Expion

expion social media management

This program does everything. It monitors, posts, and analyzes your content for you. If you need a Social Analytics tool that can do it all, this one would be your best bet. The interface is akin to that of WordPress, so it is fairly easy to use. This might be a great bonus if you are just starting out and haven’t become familiar with the more intricate interfaces many programs tend to have these days. This program currently works with: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Foursquare.

Things You Can Do With Expion & Bonus Features:

  • Monitor and analyze content
  • Schedule posts on various sites from one single program
  • Manage, control, and grow your brand’s social media presence from both a local and global level
  • Easily collaborate with multiple individuals who run your brand
  • Easily brand your company by seeing all of your social media sites together in one place

4. Gremln

gremln professional social media tool

Gremlin is a lower end product, but it has it’s advantages. Namely, the price is it’s largest advantage, as it’s much more affordable than the majority of Social Analytics tools. The user interface is slightly akin to that of Hootsuite. It’s very easy to get set up and get started, and there are two sets of menus which are very easy to navigate. As far as posting goes, it seems to do a much better job than higher costing products. The only major downside to this program is that it currently only works with the three major social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Things You Can Do With Gremln & Bonus Features:

  • Messages can be assigned to another team for followup or emailed for further action
  • Offers social media compliance enforcement
  • Time your posts
  • Allow multiple employees to access your company’s account and chat with each other in the Gremln dashboard
  • Language translation for foreign texts

Now that you’ve seen what I think are the four best Social media Analytics tools for 2015, you can choose for yourself which one is right for you. It’s not a decision to be made lightly, so think it over. We hope this list helped you, and wish you luck on all of your future social media marketing endeavors. With one of these amazing Social Analytics tools along for the ride, we’re sure you’ll do just fine!

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  2. Ramesh says

    Great tools to know how our social media marketing campaign is actually doing..Thanksfor share…

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    In this world of social media groups and community it becomes very important to analyze your social media accounts thoroughly. I was searching such tools that help me do that..
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