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Many people have ample knowledge about different mobile phones and their companies, but a very few of them know something about operating systems. It is vital to learn about different mobile OS used by many companies so that you can know that what is behind your smartphone’s smooth and colorful touchscreen.

Mobile OS

Above is the popularity graph, which represents last 12 months trends. It is apparent that Android is beating up all other operating systems, even the IOS. Symbian, which was once an industry leader, is also observing a diminishing slope. IOS might continue to compete Android, and with the release of Windows Phone 8, we might see some healthy competition in future.

Comparison Of Top Mobile OS


Symbian OS is officially the property of Nokia. It means that any other company will have to take permission from Nokia before using this operating system. Nokia has remained a giant in the low-end mobile market, so after Java Symbian was the most used in the mobile phones till a couple of years ago. Still Symbian is widely used in low-end phones but the demand rate has ben continuously decreasing. By upgrading Symbian mobile OS, Nokia has made it capable to run smartphones efficiently. Symbian ANNA and BELLE are the two latest updates that are currently used in Nokia’s smartphones. Overall, the Symbian OS is excellently designed and is very user-friendly.

Unfortunately, Symbian OS graph is going downwards nowadays due to the immense popularity of Android and iOS.

Some of the phones currently running on Symbian OS are Nokia C6-01, Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 808 Pure View, Nokia E6 (ANNA) and Nokia 701 (BELLE). Symbian is a popular choice among Nokia dual sim mobile phones as well.

Symbian OS


September 20th, 2008 was the date when Google released the first Android OS by the name of ‘Astro’. After sometime next upgraded versions ‘Bender’ and ‘Cupcake’ were also released. Google then adopted the trend of naming Android versions after any dessert or a sweet in alphabetical order. The other releases are Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.Marshmallow (Android 6.0) is so far the latest Android version from Google. Since the platform is not closed like iOS, there are too many great Android apps built by developers.

Just after stepping into the smartphone and tablets market Android gained immense popularity due to its beautiful appearance and efficient working. Many new features were introduced which played a significant role in Android’s success. Google Play is an official app market that contains millions of different apps for Android devices. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many other top manufacturers are using Android in their devices. Currently, Android is one of the top operating systems and is considered serious threat for iPhone.

Some of the smartphones operating on Android are HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy Gio, Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC Wildfire.

Android Mobile OS

Apple iOS

iOS was introduced in 29th June 2007 when the first iPhone was developed. Since then iOS has been under gone many upgrades and currently the latest one is the iOS 9.

Apple has still not allowed any other manufacturer to lay hands on its operating system. Unlike Android, Apple has more concentrated on the performance along with appearance. This is the reason that the basic appearance of iOS is almost the same as it was in 2007. Overall it is very user-friendly and is one of the mobile best operating systems in the world.

So far iOS has been used in all iPhones, iPod & iPad.

Apple IOS

Blackberry OS

Blackberry OS is the property of RIM (Research In Motion) and was first released in 1999. RIM has developed this operating system for its Blackberry line of smartphones. Blackberry is much different from other operating systems. The interface style, as well as the Smartphone design, is also different having a trackball for moving on the menu and a qwerty keyboard.

Like Apple, Blackberry OS is a close source OS and is not available for any other manufacturer. Currently, the latest release of this operating system is Blackberry OS 7.1 which was introduced in May 2011 and is used in Blackberry Bold 9930. It is a very reliable OS and is immune to almost all the viruses.

Some of the smartphones operating on Blackberry OS are Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Torch and Blackberry 8520.

BlackBerry OS

Windows OS

All of you will be familiar with Windows OS because it is used in computers all over the world. Windows OS has also been used in mobile phones, but normal mobile phone users find it a bit difficult to operate it but at the same time it was very popular among people who were used to it.

This was the case until Nokia and Microsoft joined hands to work together. The latest Windows release by Microsoft is known as Windows 7 which has gained immense popularity among all kind of users. With its colorful and user-friendly interface, it has given Windows OS a new life and is currently in demand all over the world. Another reason behind its success is that this latest OS is used in very powerful devices made by Nokia. The computer like look has totally vanished from the windows phones with the release of Windows 7. Samsung and HTC also released some Windows-based phones, but they could not many places in the market.

Nokia Lumia series is completely windows based. Some of the latest Windows Phones are Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus and HTC Titan 2.

Windows Phone 7 and 8


Like others, Samsung also owns an operating system that is known as BADA. It is designed for mid-range and high-end smartphones. Bada is a quiet user-friendly and efficient operating system, much like Android, but unfortunately Samsung did not use Bada on a large scale for unknown reasons.

The latest version Bada 2.0.5 was released on March 15th, 2012. There are only three phones that are operating on Bada. These three smartphones are Samsung Wave, Samsung Wave 2 and Samsung Wave 3. I believe that Bada would have achieved much greater success if Samsung had promoted it properly.

Read out how you can use Picasa on Bada mobiles.

Samsung Bada OS

Palm OS (Garnet OS)

Palm OS was developed by Palm Inc in 1996 especially for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistance). Palm OS was designed to work on touchscreen GUI. Some Years later it was upgraded and was able to support smartphones. Unfortunately, it could not make a mark on the market and currently is not being used in any of the latest top devices.

It has been 5 and half years since we saw the latest update of Palm OS in 2007. Palm OS was used by many companies including Lenovo, Legend Group, Janam, Kyocera and IBM.

Palm OS

Open WebOS

Open WebOS also known as Hp WebOS or just WebOS which was developed by Palm Inc but after some years it became the property of Hewlett-Packard. WebOS was launched in 2009 and was used in a number of smartphones and tablets.

Hp promoted WebOS at a very high level by using it in high-end smartphones and tablets. The latest device working on WebOS was the Hp Touch Pad. With the introduction of Android in the market sales of Hp WebOS, based tablets got very less. At last Hp announced to discontinue WebOS-based devices, but the existing users were assured that they will get regular updates of the operating system.

Open Web Os


Nokia and Maemo Community joined hands to produce an operating system for smartphones and internet tablets, known as Maemo. Like other devices, the user interface of Maemo also comprised of a menu from which the user can go to any location.

Like today’s Android the home screen is divided into multiple sections that show Internet Search bar, different shortcut icons, RSS Feed and other such things. Later in 2010 at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) it was revealed that now Maemo project will be merged with Mobilin to create a fresh operating system known as MeeGo.

Maemo OS


MeeGo was called a mobile platform, but it was designed to run multiple electronic devices including handhelds, in-car devices, television sets, and net books. All the devices on which MeeGo can have the same core but the user interface is entirely different according to the device.

In 2010, Moorestown Tablet PC was introduced at COMPUTEX Taipei, which was also a MeeGo powered device.Most of you will have heard the name Nokia N9, but you will not be aware of the fact that this large selling device is operating on MeeGo.

Meego OS


These ten are not the only mobile operating systems out there; there are tons more, and we shall be seeing one by Firefox mobile OS <Source> in future as well. Firefox, which once dominated the internet browser market, is in the process of building their web OS for mobiles, so in the future mobile OS market might get even more competitive.

For now, Android is the clear winner, however, if we look at profits and expansion, Apple has become the biggest Tech company and leaves Google far behind to eat the dust.

Do share that mobile OS your phone is using and which is your favorite feature offered by your mobile operating system?

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  1. Sunil Kumar says

    Android is a self developable device but ios is for a lazy man who dont know anything else showing hi has money real developer use android to use their phone accordance to there use and requirement and also apple has tried hard to protect there their device or os to hack but real hacker hack it to use things which they want

  2. says

    I am using now ANDROID from last two years but last month I buy Nokia Microsoft Lumia 535 (WINDOWS PHONE)its disappointed me a lot. I think ANDROID is Best .

  3. Robin says

    Today, Most pf people are using android mobile because of it is much better than another operating system’s phone. You can easily use such as fast download any applications, songs, wallpapers, images, etc. You can easily share anything from android to android. Yes, I agree that ios is great but not much better than android OS.

  4. Jayant kumar says

    Is that all u can say about that laggy buggy and snarty android os .!

    yaa sure android is used in more than 50% mobiles but the reason is its cheap like crap and hangs like hell .. an android device is simply avilable from 2500-40000 now a days and there are hundreds of devices that runs android coz its cheap .! iOS still remains the best os it is secure and very reliable . Those ppl who say android is better than ios i bet they didnt even touch an iphone in their lifetime .. currently there are only 7 iphone models selling in india from 4-6plus and the cheapest iphone costs as much as 16000approx and how can u think 7 iphone models can beat 100’s of android models u can get around 20-30 android phones for the cost of 1 iphone .!

    • says

      Bro u r absolutely wrong about android!!! Android is laggy, shitty and bugged?? My friend Android OS is free, you can use it in your own way…. But if your implementation is laggy, shitty and bugged why the hell android is bad? Its the mobile manufacturer who used and implemented it. If you have any interest in mobiles then you Android is the best thing, just root it and do anything you want. Talking about Iphone use it just the way it is, thats an old man thing.

  5. Rajinder Sanwal says

    Android uses the kernel of Linux. That’s why it is open sourced and is a big hit.
    But as far as power consumption is concerned iOS stays on top. It uses very less power to operate on in comparison to other mobile OS.

  6. Ajay Udayagiri says

    I prefer iOS among the list of mobile operating systems. East or west, no operating could not beat the interactive user interface provided by the Apple. People say Android is better than Apple but it is only to some extent. Professionals always choose iOS.

  7. Kimmy says

    Great post!I love windows however it is slower than android,i think windows phone needs more improvement. In android 99% games and apps are free but in windows 50% are free, thats why windows is slower than android.

  8. Hafis says

    Android is the better than ios,wp,blackberry….etc. Because androing is using in 50% mobiles.
    I like nokia. Cause they have used many OS Like as meego,symbian,maemo,Asha,windows,and now nokia going to make a android phone its known as nokia normandy

  9. says

    Of late, Android OS have emerged as winner and is topping the list. It has even beaten the monoply of apple iphones and blackberry who use ioS and blackberry OS respectively. Now even a budgeted buyer can buy android phone. Android platform has even surpassed windows OS also, as it has much more free apps & games, has easy learning curve & user friendly. As for windows, it has lesser free applications. Nokia is trying hard to promote Windows OS by launching new versions in Lumia series. So, i think Android OS will definitely rule the smartphone market and it will be for the classes as well masses.

  10. says

    Good Review. Android is undoubtedly the market leader at present. They have broken the monopoly of Apple. Apple Mobile Phone are not Common Man’s Phone but Any Common Man can afford to buy an Android Phone. Long Live Google.

  11. Sam says

    I’ve tried Android, and Windows but kinda don’t like their limitations, y’now… Maemo is what i really enjoy using as much as PC. such a great OS… some people just go thru Android because it is an OS which eveyone has. I think Maemo is suitable for any smart device.

  12. Earlyman says

    Where did you get the first graph from? It seems like every other website has a different idea of how the market is really like. And of course it would be wiser to point out which market you are referring to, since for example the European market differs from the US market in that the the percentage of Android users is quite on level with that of Apple users (source: I agree that with the release of the new WP we might be able to see a substantial increase in competition.

  13. Anand Singh says

    I remember once there was a time of Symbian. Now everywhere there is either Android or iOS in the market. btw i like android more than ios.

  14. stargaterich says

    My gut feeling is that eventually there will only be two major smartphone OS taking the lion share of the mobile OS space, namely Apple IOS and Google Android. Come to think of it, it is not the operating system that really matters but rather the number of free applications and killer aps that runs on the OS.
    Apple need to be more open and receptive to the smart phone application development community. Instead of restricting apps conforming to the Apple Store, that company should instead encourage open source and allow more developers to gain insight to the inner working of the OS so that more effective application could be develop to leverage on the power of the OS services.

  15. says

    My present phone is Blackberry and I have used the same and my next phone to use is Android really to say I have heard only about Symbian,Android,Blackberry,Windows OS, Palm and all others are new to me from your website.

    • Guru says

      We learn something new every day :) BTW, even blackberry is considering to start using Android, which i personally feel will help Android to monopolize the smartphone market.

  16. hrmehrotra says

    you mentioned nice list here dude………..i expected alot from Nokia MeeGo but its totally disappoint me

    • Guru says

      We all expected a lot from Meego and belle, but i think with invention of Windows OS and their deal with Nokia, the Meego sort of went out of scene.

  17. Pankaj Gupta says

    I have tried only Android & Windows Phone OS and my next target is to try iOS. BTW good overviews. Keep it up.

  18. Vikas Bhatt says

    I would like to correct the sequence, Android is the top operating system, followed by iOS and so on.

    • Guru says

      Thanks for mentioning it, i do understand android is topping the charts but Symbian devices are massively popular in Asia. we shall look into further statistics and re adjust table, thanks for taking time to notice this :)